Friday, September 30, 2011

Finger Knit necklaces

 This week's Link Lovin' is finger knit necklaces.
Which will be funny to anyone who sat through knitting class with me at inspired 4 years ago, trying not to laugh while my face contorted and my arms cramped into some version of bird wings flapping as I tried with all of my might to create my little square. Yeah, it was a MAJOR no go. I managed to turn out a demented crooked triangle-ish shape that I decided to give my youngest as a "Barbie face cloth". Well, it IS possible that Barbie never received very good directions about doing laundry, right?
Look I even dug up some proof of the whole sad affair...
 For those of you who were NOT in my sadly failed knitting class, I was fine with my failure. I decided to keep the basket of wool and use it on a scrapbook page or something.

Back to our cool link lovin' ( sorry I get side tracked) My girls and I needed a birthday gift for Great Nana and of course something happy to do together to enjoy an afternoon of girl time. Sooooo we made these necklaces happily after finding this link. Turns out, this type of knitting is more my speed! We all LOVED them. My only disclaimer is that this project is probably best for about 9 years old and up, Bella's little fingers weren't quite ready for the co-ordination of even "knitting" (but we won't tell her that!) They were finished in under ten minutes (per necklace), we could still chat and giggle while our fingers worked away at it, and we found everything we needed in my random crafting stashes. I'd say that is an all around WIN! Wanna try?

Here's what you need:
- a roll of string ( just hardware store string, nothing special)
-some chain (can get this at a bead store for nicer stuff, but can also get it at the hardware store on a roll)
-some little pliers/snips to cut your chain ( I raid Cam's tool box, Great source!)
-a few wooden beads
-any old scissors

photos above  from "P.S. I made this"

And here is Emy's finished result!
Have fun and be sure to share your results with us.


red smartie said...

I am so very thankful I was in that knitting class with you at Inspired, otherwise we might not have met! This type of knitting might be more my speed as well. Emy's necklace looks beautiful!

Angel Perry :) said...

I absolutely LOVE this! I'd love to test it out :)