Monday, June 09, 2014

a little more...

Want to know a little more before you take the leap?
Our 12 sessions together "In The Studio" includes:
Intro to watercolor and acrylic blending techniques
There are many different ways to apply and mix paints in your Art.  We will begin to explore some of my favorites and create a great hand painted bag and a book of beautifully prepared pages.

Understanding color blending (without making mud!)  

I LOVE love love color!  Do you ever get frustrated when you try and use all of your favorites but end up with a muddy mess?  We will learn some color blending basics to use throughout these sessions in order to keep our projects as vibrant as possible!


Brush control exercises
Knowing how to use and blend paint is great but without practiced and controlled strokes, you still may not be able to get the effects you're looking for!  We will learn what kinds of different effects can be made with different brushes and the best ways to hold the brush and apply the paint.  We will create a super colorful and eye catching tree painting using both wide strokes and tiny delicate a few more fabulous projects that will leave you both practiced and proud of your work.
Building textured backgrounds
There is no limit to the number of layers and textures we can add on top of each other.  We will build such interest and depth that your background will be as much a work of art as the subject matter you place on it.
Wild background effects in watercolor

Watercolor is so very fun to manipulate and there are a whole variety of ways to create interest and reactions with the pigment in the paint. These are so simple yet impressive you will be coming back to them over and over as you build beautiful foundations for your paintings and pages.
 Intro to illustration
This has been a favorite pass time of mine since I started writing cereal box board books in grade 2, and later in high school would illustrate all of my classmates (including their quirks of course!)  This session will be an imagination workout in creating a world of your own where the only limit is what you can dream up!

We will also be
- Exploring a vast array of Art surfaces and mediums
- Playing with faces in 5+ ways
- Building heartful words into your work
- Using all sorts of inks
- And much much more!!!

Check our registration page Here. Our Early bird sale ends tomorrow but you can join the fun anytime through the year! I truly am so happy, I just feel like we are on the edge of what will be one of my very favorite adventures yet!

Have a Blessed week my friends,


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