Thursday, May 24, 2007

color pigs

" I love your work no mater what Mama. and you know, I have a lot of craft ideas, I draw Pigs and color them!"
"oh yes, I do mama... PIGS"

said while I was talking through an album idea with Cam and she was beading a new necklace for herself. HA! this little girl of mine makes me laugh so many times every day, what a gift! And I adore her total love and acceptance of me, makes me feel like we have done a good job of telling her that we love her always no matter what. Saturday mornings are so great just all being here together, happy weekend wishes to you!

btw: this is the kind of shots I got of Tiara at Emilea's Spring concert, LOL! we were trying for pretty spring photos, the girls picked the spot and I loved the contrast between the texture in the brick and old wooden steps with the smoothness of the girls young little skin and pretty flowery skirts. Emilea did take care of the pretty shots and Tiara as usual could be relied on for comic relief. funny girl!

check it out!

I have been super busy lately with the girls, as well as working on some really fun projects. One of them was doing this layout and documenting the whole process for the CK online column "start-to-finish". you can check out the article here !

Thursday, May 10, 2007

treasure in the every day

I have been stopping to notice how much I love the beauty in the every day, even more than usual these days. I love "life", the little real life moments that make each day precious , that make this life mine, and make it so beautiful.

Like this moment from the other night. My sweet girl sitting on the steps, she is so into a good book that she couldn't keep walking up to her room where she had been headed, so she sat down right there on the steps in the light of the setting sun, beside the pink fluffy slippers. So absorbed in her story that she didn't even see me there smiling at this. This is one of the things about her that I love to watch unfolding; her love of books. I have always thoroughly enjoyed reading. I would walk through the house with my face in a book, or stay up reading way past bedtime with a flashlight under the covers. A good book rich with imagination, can transport you anywhere. And Emilea has been this way too since she was so little, we would find her in a mound of books, in her toddler bed, flipping through and making up little 2 year old stories from the pictures. When we walked by later she would have fallen asleep with a book on her face. Now that she can read the words her love for them only grows. Delightful!!!

take a look around your day, then slow down and look a little bit harder for the small moments that are pure treasures. This view truly is a gift :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

last call!

I am drawing tonight for 5 of these packs and
A CK goodie bag of our favorite products worth ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!
check out the details on my CK blog, you have until 8pm est today to enter!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Kaiella update

my little trooper, smiling and playing with her cars by the window Sunday morning as if nothing happened! It is so good to see her feeling so much better already, I just want to say thank-you so much for all of the nice comments. Having all of those extra thoughts and prayers is just what we needed! We went for her dressing change yesterday and I am truly amazed at how much healing has already happened under there, really it looks like a different little arm than it did on Friday. There is only one pretty big blister near her wrist that we will need to keep a close watch on, but the rest looks like it is healing perfectly already ( phew!) So we will go back for another dressing change on Tuesday again. She really does great with the whole thing, she asks them " you are giving me a new arm sock? and some cream too?" and she even says thank-you when they are done. I am amazed over and over again at how resilient kids really are. Thank God for that! Have a great week :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

please say a prayer

hi there, I just wanted to pop in here and ask all you praying folks out there to offer one up for our little Kaiella.
I ran downstairs Friday to get the phone, and she decided to be a "big girl" and get her bag of goldfish crackers from the back of the counter all by herself, I had just poured myself a hot cup of tea and placed it back there where I thought it was safe from little hands. She ended up with hot tea dumped all over her little arm and chest. Luckily it didn't have time to soak through the chest part of her sweater before I got it off of her but her little arm wasn't as fortunate and she has some 2nd degree burns between her wrist and shoulder. The doctors at children's hospital say she should heal well and we just have to go back every second day to get the dressings changed this week. But she is pretty "ouchie" and Tylenol seems to just barely take the edge off. My heart is so sad for her, all I an do is give lots of extra love and lots of my time. and it is one of those times that I can't even beat myself up about, because I am not sure what I could have done any different... other than putting my cup inside the cupboard! no, seriously though, We are reeally careful, we don't let anyone sit with the kids or hold them while drinking coffee or tea, we keep them out of the kitchen when we are cooking and always boil on the back burners. Please please please take extra caution around your babies when it comes to hot stuff, you just can't be too careful.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your prayers, I will hopefully get back to work and returning my emails after this weekend. For now my attentions are all here at home. take care all :)