Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Simply Magnetic

I promised you something new in store this week. And so, by request, here they are, mini print magnets! Just $5 each, beautiful crisp quality and vibrant colors ( I couldn't be happier), and they are available in all of the prints you see in my shop. I did these thinking beyond the fridge; a bit of encouragement hung inside a special kids locker at school, a little brightening on the filing cabinet of a teacher who goes the extra mile, even a bit of heart stuck along the metal strip of an office cubicle as a reminder of how much brightness is there for the get the idea! Everyone needs lifting up sometimes, everyone likes to feel appreciated or understood, and that's kind of the point of my art. To shine a light into all of the wonderful places in our lives, as far as we can possibly reach!

You can look for these here in my Shop on Monday

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Soccer Season Kicks off

 Last night was the start of soccer season for us. Emy doesn't play, she's a swimmer and has no interest in a sport that would require kicking at people, she has such a gentle heart. Tiara was pumped to be back at a sport she adores, little Kaiella was super nervous because it was her first "real"game and she didn't want to make a mistake (sweet munchkin), and Coach Cam was ready for screaming girls and lots of fun. I only had my phone with me but I thought I'd share a few favorite moments I managed to snap.

It turned out to be a lovely night; The evening sun couldn't have been more beautiful... the perfect warm golden glow.

Tiara scored twice to kick off the season with pizazz, and little Kaiella did wonderfully ( see! nothing to worry about after all little one).
 I think this is my favorite moment of all though. So happy to be the coaches kid, proud as can be after a great game. She is a total daddy's girl walking away from the now emptied field towards the setting sun, chattering happily together. Melts my heart to bits! This life, these regular little treasures hidden in our day; These are the moments I want to remember forever.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Today is a Gift

My two random winners from Friday's post are  
Kathleen and Michelle! 
Congrats girlies, send me an email so I can get you hooked up with all of your goodies

You guys are all amazing, you really touched my heart last week; from your openness  to share your challenges and how you have chosen to overcome them with positivity here in the comments , to your honesty on facebook where I asked the same question, and even private emails I got last week sharing with me from an open heart and with such a positive attitude. I am encouraged, I am moved, and I am honored that you cared to listen to my story and felt comfortable enough to share so many of yours with me.

Taking Art off of someone's site is usually a Big "no no", please know this.
BUT... This time, I would Love for you to go ahead and right click the image above, save it, and print it out at 5x7 to hang somewhere as a reminder that it's up to YOU to make some sunshine in this world, to Make the choice to see TODAY as a gift no matter what may come.
xo it's My little gift to you.

ETA: The giveaway is now closed, the print above has been replaced with a web sized image and will be added to my etsy shop later this week

It's been a rough weekend/start to the week, my headache & other pain came back full force to try and kick my butt right back to bed and to laying there trapped on my frozen veggies. POOOP!
It's super duper intense BUT I'm doing as much kicking back as I can, there is just too much good living to be had! I did everything in my power to just keep going like a Rockstar. And we made all kinds of good family memories YAYY!

The truth is it could be partly my fault, I need to double check ingredients and be more careful this week with what I am eating, I have a sneaking suspicion that I accidentally may have had some wheat and dairy hidden in good eats which is most likely the culprit.
Live and learn, and then help someone else, right?!
If you have any amazing-must-try wheat free, dairy free recipes please please shoot me an email! I am getting really bored with my few stand by options. And don't have enough culinary imagination to invent my own.

 This week; my girls are going to wow me with their swimming, Tiara and I are going to head to the city together today to do some getting healthy. Our first soccer games officially start up which will be extra fun cuz two girls are on the same team and Cam is their coach, so I guess you could say I am a seriously invested fan! Later this week I have some new stuff to share going up in my etsy shop for gifts, another fun happy giveaway, and all kinds of pictures from snapping away during week in the life. Have a great Monday friends, let's be rockstars together and kick this week in the butt hardcore!!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

giveaways, life, & inspiration

 This month's BYOC kits are bright and full of happy color and best of all they are ready to go! These 3 just went up in MY SHOP at the lilypad, and EVERYTHING in the store is 30% off to celebrate international scrapbooking day this weekend! I just kinda like the idea of shopping for good deals in jammie pants with no line ups ;)
{photos by Kal Barteski}

Every once and awhile  there are those people who cross your path and leave an impact forever on your heart. My friend Kal is one of tho people; anyone who has taken a class from her, listened to her speak, or who has the pleasure of knowing her is a person who is left changed, left  better than they were before. The new pack above is a kit celebrating that incredible beauty, cuz I think the world needs more people like Kal and this is just what my hands did with all of that thinking. Check out HER BLOG, she has beautiful Art and words that stir the soul. You will be inspired I guarantee you.

There's a story behind my kits this month. They are all about Living life, loving life, going for it with all you've got and sharing the best of what you have!
NOT something I take for granted these days. It is only a few weeks ago that I couldn't even join my kids for a walk no matter how badly I wanted to. So not only am I inspired by my friend Kal's fierceness, bravery and strength as she has been walking a similar journey, but I am trying really hard to learn to make the best health choices I can. Trying do the best I can with what I have each day, and do my little bit to help fill the world with goodness and light. Amazingly it works every time, sharing goodness makes me feel a whole lot better and brighter. Hence, the frenzy of giveaways this week. ( did I just say Hence? oy)
I am trying to be more open, trying to share more and that means I need to tell you a bit of what's been up. Weeks ago I got rid of  all wheat, dairy and sugar ( as well as a whole bunch of other things)... I had had a wicked migraine for months with no relief, severe pain all through my neck and back and nothing was helping at all, no pain killers no treatments and though I have suffered with migraines for most of my life That has never happened before. I'm usually a smile and keep on going kind of girl. But this time all I could do was lay there on ice for months and tell my girls to come and cuddle up. Such a trapped and helpless place to be. It was a tough road figuring out some thyroid problems, and then battling through this at the same time. Hard to be inspirational, hard to just get up and try to be a wee bit wife and mommy while hurting so so much. I'm not telling you this to bore you with a sad story, just being real. I definitely want to not only live life, but absolutely adore every minute of it! Simply existing is just not an option for me. NOT!!! I've never been someone who just let's the days all run together, and I don't wanna be, SO here's to all of that positivity I'm grabbing at, here's to mighty conquering and choosing to give life your ALL no matter what comes your way...aaaand a few spray painted butterflies thrown in cuz spring is my fave and they make me happy.
I LOVE this beautiful layout by Amanda Resende, she always manages to wow me with her flow on a page but this one makes my eyes so happy I just wanna keep looking! The wood grain paper looks perfect next to my journal tree, I adore her use of warm colors, and she did an excellent job of clustering everything above the line, leaving lots of white space to rest the eye. Amazing job Girlie!!! Show her some Love HERE
 The kits are up and you can find them HERE

OK friends, Leave me a comment by Monday morning 9:00 CST and tell me how you are fierce in the face of life, how you are choosing to put goodness into the world. I'll will pick two peeps to win all three of these sets. I'm happy to help you get it printed if you are a non computer person.
Can't wait to hear how you shine!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Blue Day sharing

 It was a Blue day around here. The Skies looked so amazing, perfect Blue, lots of sun and fluffy clouds. But... looks can be deceiving, it's still pretty chilly in these parts. Brrrr, I'm a big suck and our furnace is broken So it's been blankets and slippers and all of the warm wear I can dig up. Anyways, after a quick yogurt parfait for breakfast ( yogurt, protein powder, almond butter and blueberries. YUM) I head out to tackle a day of appointments and running around armed with the fluffiest warmest hoodie I have...yep happens to be blue too.
obsessed much?!

 Driving around all day gave me lots of time to think and pray and think some more, Lots on my mind and never seems to be enough alone time to process it all. A couple of  lovely people in our life are going through stuff and are on my heart. We are walking a very interesting journey with one of our girls that I am not ready to share yet, but it involves some digging and diagnosing and then some life changes, will be a good thing. But it's big and definitely weighing on me right now.

 BUT...Despite the blue start I got to meet up with my lovely mama for an impromptu sunny lunch picnic in the car. We broke all of the rules just like we used to do when I was little and it was just the two of us hitting the town. Feet on the dash, ate right off the cheese block, laughed at things we maybe shouldn',t and let me tell you, IT RAWKED. yayy for happy amazing moms, yayy for picnics, and yayy for breaking a few rules!

Lastly I'm still working fiercely on new designs tonight, and what's coming from my hands right now honors a really cool artist friend of mine. More to come on that this weekend.

- Loving my iphone, it is the first one I have owned and it is fairly amazing
-Loving instagram, sharing made so so simple
-Seriously Loving how easy both of them make it to capture life as it happens.

What makes you blue? How is your weather? and whatcha Loving right now? says It's YOU, Congrats on winning the New book Meagan! I Loved your comment about how you try and think of the pictures you wish you had from your own childhood and capture those moments for your daughter. perfect. So so many other great ideas in the comments too, I read each one, BUT it's been a super busy-out of the house-eat wrong-and give yourself a migraine kind of a day today, Soooo I'm still working on putting all of your great tips and comments into one big post. As for all of you who didn't win today, pop back tomorrow afternoon for more celebrating and another chance to win some goodies before tomorrow night's big Launch Party!

Click below for more info and a VIP invite

Tonight I am going to drink tons of water and stay up as long as I can to try and get lots of designs finished for the big national scrapbooking day bash at the Lilypad this much partying So little time!


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

 It's TIME!!! Are you ready for some fun? Today is our Everyday Storyteller blog hop, each of the   contributors are sharing some bonus tips, and more...
  Here is a little bit of a bigger Peek at some of the project bits from my article in the book. There is Lots of Color, and TONS of tips for how I tell each of my life stories loaded with Heart. I can promise you at least 13 ideas from my article alone, I can't wait to see how many more the other ladies will be sharing too!

   I think for such an occasion a little bit of extra fun is in order, sooooo here is what we're gonna do...  Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite way to capture the heart in your life's stories, by   11:59 pm Central and I will be GIVING AWAY a copy of the book to one lucky storyteller before it is available to the public!

  Have you ever thought of your kitchen as a Great place for sourcing out your next storytelling tidbits? You'd be surprised how many treasures the heart of the home holds just waiting for you to discover! To make a great little page like this one, simply grab some extra non-slip mat from lining your cupboards, and some leftover sticky drawer liner. All you have to do is trace out a shape you love, like this bird, get creative stitching it in place, and add a photo or some journaling strips of your own! Voila, no cost cuteness!!!

OK friends, one last happy detail for today- are you signed up for the Big party yet? Head over HERE to sign up for a VIP invitation to join in our Book launch party at 8:30pm CDT on Friday, May 4. There will be almost $800 in prizes given away from our sponsors during the party, it's sure to be a BLAST!

Come back and visit me throughout this week, I will be sharing more tips, more peeks, and maybe even a giveaway or two of my own to keep things exciting! If you want to keep on blog hopping today and gather up all kinds of Bonus tips, here is the list of inspirational peeps who have lots of goodness for you, HAVE FUN!!!
ETA: if you have time to read through some of the comments, there are Great ideas coming in so far from everyone! I will put them all together in a Big post later this week
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  28. Jenn Smith-Sloane
  29. Jessica Sprague
  30. Melissa Stinson
  31. Amy Tan
  32. Tiffany Tillman
  33. Jennifer Wilson

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Thursday highlights

I Have been Loving the way "Week in The Life" has captured all of the bits that make up "us" right now. Capturing everything from, what we are eating, to school activities, cuddles with little people who won't always be so little, the weather, and what my day looks like working from home. I can't wait to put this all together so we can look back on it and remember what life in the Muckosky house in 2012 was all about! Today was toast for breakfast, healthy snacks, love notes from my little one, a never ending game of fetch, after school giggly cuddles, Bible study catch up by the fire place, supper on the go, and a clear night with a sparkly sliver of a moon out my window. There was much much more but that's just the highlight reel. Are you doing "week in the life" too? share a link in the comments so we can see what you are up to!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Week In The Life begins

I am really looking forward to this week, Ali Edwards has inspired a whole community to capture a "week in the life"-documenting all kinds of everyday bits of life going on in your home! I Love my life, I Love the motivation of a good challenge, and so will do my best. My good camera is in the shop with a broken shutter so it will be mostly iphone pics this year, but it is so handy I think I may even capture more that way! Here is a little look at our Monday; Leaving with friends, sharing Art time, beautiful blue skies, A special lunch date, an evening at the pool, waiting for giggly girls to finish changing, Tim's with a sweet friend, and at last little Angel's off to dreamland.
 Join the fun and share your links here! I'd love to see what you're up to

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Guess what I'm working on?

I'm super excited to be a contributor in this Great e-book coming out in May! I have had many hours sitting on the floor in my studio, creating happy colorful new projects that showcase some of my favorite tips for telling the stories of life. 
 Keep an eye on things here over the next month as I get ready to share some more sneek peeks and give you the chance to win some great prizes.
In the meantime check out this Teaser video for a bit more info!

 In other news, the weather here has suddenly been extra warm For Early April in Manitoba, the kiddos have a little extra spring in their step. The windows are open and the bird song filling our house makes my heart so very happy.
 Little Jellybean Toes are muddy from hunting for ladybugs, Daddy is taking walks to the park and of course out for ice cream
 Skies are Blue, Bikes are out, and on the whole everyone seems a little more merry now that the snow is gone from sight.
Enjoy the fresh start that comes with Spring my friends!