Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring splashers

One of our favorite Muckosky spring traditions is to go for long walks and splish splash sploosh in all of the big puddles until the girls boots are squooshy and filled up with water and they all get thrown in the tub to warm up when we get back home...SO much fun...I really need to get me some rubber boots so that I can splish splash sploosh right along with them!!!
I know, seriously I just really refuse to grow up! but I'm good with that.

This weekend the good times were all about these two little munchkins...they are the die hard adventurers...Tiara needed to watch first and check out, once again this year, what she would be getting herself into.

I LOVE this kind of outdoor, messy, totally free adventuring!!! their little squeals of pure Joy and the fun of totally letting go and enjoying Life together. Whoot for spring, and double Whoot for crazy cool Kids!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's party time!!!

It's time to partay in the Little Dreamer Shoppe...Little Dreamer is celebrating it's 2nd Birthday and there is all kinds of fun going on over there!
A sale, all kinds of challenges and giveaways and SOOOO many fun birthday themed kits up by different designers for a steal of a deal at only $3.00!
Here is mine; 26 hand painted pieces to bring your celebration pages a lil' bit of Rawkin' Birthday Booya!
come on over and Celebrate with us!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What is this you ask?
It is my Store..and it is finally getting all of my products re-packaged and loaded up for sale, YAYY!!!
Thanks so so much to all of you awesome supportive customers who have been emailing and asking where to find these stuffs, I'll keep working as hard as I can to get everything back up for sale A.S.A.P.

Happy Creating!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fire Hall

I tagged along for the preschool trip to the fire hall today...I seriously think that I like these field trips as much, or possibly even more than the kids do!!! I guess it brings out the little kid in me who always has gotten super stoked about a good field trip :)
Little Bella was pretty nervous before hand, and definitely backed away from the fire fighter dude in his full attire, but on the whole she did awesome and had a really good time; climbed up in the front and back of the truck and even used the little remote thingy that lowers the hoses in the tower and makes a bit of noise...Whooo hooo Bella!
She was pretty pleased with herself for being a "big girl" and Totally proud of her new fire hat.

here's to many more happy "big girl" outings in years to come!

Easter in pictures

Not as many as I usually would have to share but I am finally getting around to loading up some of the pictures from this past Easter and just thought I'd share a few of my faves for all of our family far away to feel like they can be in on it just a wee little bit.
(Love you guys)

The pretty flowers, yummy dinner, and Nana's pumpkin pies; the Easter surprises for the kids who were flouncing around in their pretty dresses, and the Awesome church services made for an all around perfect few days together. We are so so very Blessed.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

cleaning pages

We've been working at going through stuff around here and DE-CLUTTERING our lives....clear clear clear it OUT!!!

Anyways, I have come across a number of the pages that have gotten sent back to me after publication over the past couple of years and haven't quite made it into scrapbooks yet...I really need a better system for that cuz they tend to just come home and get a smile from me and the girls and then get set aside for sometime later, tsk tsk to me....sooooo I thought for those of you who maybe don't read CK or for our sweet family out there who love the stories ON these pages and the cute cute little people in the pictures I would post a few of them to share over the next while :)

This first layout above was in June '08 CK and is about the struggles My Tiara faces with her Sensory issues. She calls them her "Tough Days" and the journaling is about how the tough days she is facing will make her into a strong and beautiful woman, how her amazing strength and beautiful love give her wings and will help her to soar through it all while she learns and grows from each step of the journey. I decided to document this in her scrapbook because Tiara's struggles with anxiety and sensory issues were so very real for her right at the time I was making this, as much a part of her story as all of the happy smiley stuff I usually scrap about. I think that the page really captures her feelings and is a great encouragement to her. She kept coming to look at it as I was working on the detail bits, and telling me that it really is how she feels sometimes and that she will get her wings pretty soon too.
I just kept on telling her that she already has them.
sweet girl :)

The page design was inspired by this cool shell chandelier that hangs at My in-laws place. My little hanging bits represent her many tears, and the hearts on the wings represent her love and strength giving her freedom and helping her to fly through those tough days.

Quick technique notes: I painted a few different shades of blue and green with watercolors onto a full sheet of cold press paper, inspired by the chandelier colors of course, then ripped them into tiny pieces and hung them together with small jump rings. The drippy masking tape is the stuff I used on my edges to hold the paper down while I painted, re-enforcing the mood of the layout and providing an exact color match to balance out that bottom right corner of my page.

And the good news, Tiara is not worry free but is doing so much better this year than ever before...her "Tough Days" are much fewer and father between.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break Check-in #2

For the second half of our Spring Break week we have taken in plenty more good family fun....it's everywhere you turn, look out!
In fact, I think my maturity level has actually regressed this week and I might not want to go back to semi-responsible grown-up-ness when the week is done...these small people are just WAY too much fun to groove with, I ADORE them!
We have sung very LOUDLY, painted all sorts of surfaces, The girls did some thrift store shopping with the money they have been saving up and got themselves a whole bunch of pretty cool finds, Emy and I explored a cool antique store, and All 5 of us took a nice long trip to the bookstore; which is always good for all involved.We finished up the week with a fun trip out for a 3-D flick; Cam and I took the girls to Monsters VS Aliens, which is kind of funny to those who know us well, since we are usually pretty careful what they watch and wouldn't even consider most things with Monsters OR Aliens in the title, but this one was actually Reeeeeeeally good! No one had a scary moment, Cam only had to hide his eyes once, and no bad dreams resulted.
Just a little FYI; I usually check out reviews for movies we are unsure of from a christian perspective at Plugged in which is a great website from focus on the family.

Truth is, I will sure miss these kiddos when they head back to school this coming week, it has been RAD-awesome to have the time to slow things down (or hype things up!) with my little ladies and have so much extra fun. Here's to funny glasses, good books and great people, both big and small!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

spring break check in

Drs appointments for everyone, extra kid crafting time, lots of reading together , giggly games of hide-and -seek, snowman making at the park, time with Gramie and it all goes by far too quickly. That sums up the first half of our spring break week so far! I've managed to catch a few quiet moments with a Vanilla latte and a good book here and there, and Emy has been reading everywhere we go...I LOVE the holidays from school when everyone is here with me...sigh...it's always a gift and a blessing to have extra time to just BE together!
My Internet connection is down on my main computer so I have been "unplugged" for a few days now, it's a pain, but not such a bad thing when there are good times to be made with small lovely people.
Hip Hip Hooray for happy chaos and plenty of hugs!