Friday, September 15, 2006

One last time

The last ice cream run of the summer!
We all headed out for burgers and ice cream at the Half moon drive in. One last summer outing like that. Needless to say it was really nice to be all together and thourally enjoyed by all! We walked down by the water with our ice creams while the sun was going down , the girls danced and little Kaiella was shouting " Ocean, Ocean!!!!" as she pointed at the lake. LOL!
ETA: we were delighted to find this new soft serve called Dole whip it is dairy free and made with real fruit so Tiara could actually join in having a cone like the rest of us!!!

It has started cooling off fast in the evening , but still getting some pretty hot days here lucky for us! The girls are loving school and little Bella is settling in to her new mornings with just me. I too am getting used to appreciating that quieter time just the two of us.

I have been trying to get everything done that I need to, and start thinking about preparing for our trip to Vegas in October! I still can't believe we are going, and totally can't believe that it is with CK to boot! What a dream! So here is what I am thinking, since Cam and I are trying to decide what to plan for the two extra days we will be there and have no clue where to start, I am asking for your help! Any suggestions? Leave us some comments and tell us what we should see, ok! That should give us a starting place anyways. Thanks :)

happy weekend all

Saturday, September 09, 2006


click on image for a larger view

I thought I'd share my newest desktop for September. A little calendar to check on, and the words that mean a lot to me. The photo was from Kaiella's birthday, Cam and I took her out on her own with us and we had so much fun together! All of the goodies on here are from Scrap Artist and Designer Digitals.

I wish you all a great weekend. Over here I have got to try and clean up this house of ours over the next couple of days, just too many piles around. It seems to creep up every now and then when we get too busy. My tendonitis is back in my arm so I am back to working lefty and one handed for the time being. Any of you praying folks could definitely say one for me about that :)

The air was cold and crisp here today but oh so fresh and I am just loving it! I am surprised I haven't sniffed the window screen right up my nose yet!! We all went for a nice walk after French toasts and banana pineapple milkshakes for super, it was so nice to be outside with all of my lovies, and I could breathe it all in as deeply as I wanted with no danger of screens up the nose LOL! Goodnight and God Bless you all

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My creative challenge

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ok here's the scoop! I had been putting up a challenge every Monday for awhile and when I hurt my arm it kindof died off. I really want to get some challenges going here again. I just feel that pushing ourselves to try things or see things in a new way is such an excellent way to grow! It is for me anyways :)

So for this week I want to challenge you guys to use your product in an unexpected way to create something new. Tons of freedom to play on this one, that's the idea...Just let go and totally play!!!! I guarantee it is a blast! So my example is this layout I did awhile ago for my little Kaiella right before she was turning two. I used the lacing for grass and the tags as leaves, the circle stamps are my petals and the photo is the flower centre. A growing flower ( like she is...My attempt at being symbolic while having a little fun. supplies are listed Here and the journaling says: my itty-bitty baby is somehow almost 2, I guess that means you are no longer new! but whether you are 2 or 22 you will always be my baby

So I say anyone who is inspired to play along and see where it takes them, post your layout in your gallery and give me the link here in the comments so we can all check it out! Let go of the rules and have fun!!!!! I can't wait to see some cool art :)

Annual backpack pics

Tia; oh so proud! are we gonna have to watch out for that look or what?! look at that face :)
and Emy in her great new sweater from Nana, ready for another year with all of her friends

Here they are all proud and ready to go! and then there is poor little Kaiella really not wanting her sisters to be left at school! she did okay for the first stop dropping off Emilea but then when we were leaving Tiara at preschool she realized that they were both gone and started crying " no leave my Ty-ia!!!" over and over. I assured her that we would get her back and once we got home for a nice muffin she was all good with that lol! it will be a different year for her but I am sure we will find some adventures of her own for her to participate in!
have a happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

beautiful noise

I dropped off both Emilea and Tiara this morning, my first ever morning leaving them both. Emilea; starting grade two thinks she is an old pro, but I still walk her in for the first day and see that she is unpacked and settling in ( and of course snap my quick photo) before leaving with my other little ones in tow as usual. But then, Tiara's turn came next, she was so excited and well prepared for this next step in her little life. Such growth from last year when I couldn't even leave her at Sunday school. She happily went in, hung up her jacket and put on her shoes, then off to a spot on the mats just as if she had done it so many times before. A wave goodbye and Kaiella and I were off. After a great summer of loving the time together the girls had begun to just have enough of each other this last week, just picking on each other and needing some space and more structure. So I was actually looking forward to my mornings with just Kaiella, a time to take a breath and give her some undivided attention. But as we drove home from Tia's preschool the van was unusually quiet, one little 2 year old looking out the window way back there. I got to thinking that while I welcome a few moments of quiet here and there I really do savor their noise LOL! All of those little voices so filled with wonder and new ideas, so much to tell me with such sincerity and innocent honesty. I love this world of mine mom-ing these little people, they really are my gifts! Even when things get hectic and most often somewhat loud, they are a total pleasure. I can't imagine how I will feel when the day comes to drop them all off for the whole day and go home to an empty house. Life evolves and changes and I will too, but I am happier than happy for now to be surrounded by small voices and little hands to hold. This is my paradise. Annual backpack photo to come later!

I think most kids have gone back to school now, I hope you are all settling well into your days. And for those with small ones still at home, please stop today and remember to just savor their beautiful noise it really is precious!

Monday, September 04, 2006

thankful & Happy

I am happy.

happy to be right here right now. The leaves have begun to change and the air is fresh and crisp yet still so wonderfully warm, we have the windows open and the freshness blowing in makes me stop and breathe deeply. I have gotten some cleaning and laundry done today which always feels so good. With the kids rooms tidied and re-arranged I stop to take an Extra long satisfying peek in as I walk down the hallway. And folding the fresh warm laundry makes me feel loving. The kids are so excited about school starting this week; Emilea ever-planning which skirt she should wear on which day and Tia walking around with her new backpack on feeling good about starting preschool ( this is big!) So as I go about the chores of the day and observe my family doing their thing around the house I just feel truly blessed and totally satisfied to be right here, nothing exciting or out of the ordinary has happened but I am just happy to have a special today. Tell me, what made your today special?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

peek of perfection

"only a little peek of you at two years old. What I see is pure perfection in the way God made you perefctly you Love, Mama"

This was supposed to be my lift of our guest goddess over at scrap artist; steppedonaleggo, but it ended up being less of a lift and more of an 'inspired by' layout. Her wonderful inpiring layout is found here:;ppuser=1 930 A totally talented scrapper!!! credits for my layout can be found HERE

A swingin weekend

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. I have to say that I am Sorry for ignoring my blog in the last few weeks, I have had some adventures that I will have to come and write about. But for today I just wanted to say that I am totally glad to be spending this weekend enjoying the Blessings of friends and family, sunshine and the anticipation in the air for school beginning next week. We are not going away, just sticking close to home and getting lots done but it is wonderful just to be all together. Enjoy your time whatever the weekend may hold for you!