Thursday, April 21, 2011


We haven't had a very warm bloomie pretty spring here in Manitoba. It has been too wet and too cold, and it would be all too easy to complain about how crappy that is...
But I happen to be presently LOVING this particular sign of spring.
Muddy boots on my front porch= the evidence of happy healthy rosy cheeked children all playing in wet muddy ditches to their hearts content. 
It is why we moved to the country, it is what spring SHOULD hold!
I don't take our life for granted, not for one single minute. I love living in a safe community, in this amazing part of the world where we have all we need and our kids can be playing outside without a care in the world.
Life is most definitely a gift.
What simple evidence can you choose to cherish today?
do tell

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Don't give up before the beauty

She is so kind and pretty and soft looking, I like her, she totally captures the feeling behind the words she was painted to express, and I almost gave up on her! When she was just a sketch I thought there was no way she was going to work, she wasn't right, I thought she looked poopy and I was very close to just trashing her...crumpling her up and throwing her away. That is so sad! 

It got me thinking though, and I think that is what we often do to ourselves, to our dreams. I think sometimes we give up on our self, give up on our dreams when they are only just beginning, before they have the chance to unfold and turn into something that is incredibly beautiful, we just don't give them the chance to get there... we see just a little bit of the picture and say "ugh this is hard, this isn't what I thought it would be, I'm outta here, forget it!" or " I'm scared, people are going to think I'm crazy, this isn't going to work, FORGET it!" and we just give up on ourselves and don't push past until the beauty part has a chance to unfold. We don't push forward until we shine, until we are radiant and sparkling for all the world to see, fulfilling our awesome potential the way we were made to be! Incredible Beauty, and amazing dreams are there in each of us, I do believe that. We just have to keep going, push past that moment where we want to Forget it and tell ourselves " CUT IT OUT, you were made for this journey you are on, KEEP GOING!
So, that is what I am going to  do, it is up to you how you chose to live your potential, but hopefully my moment with this sweet girl can shed some light on something for you to!
Please don't throw yourself away before your amazing sparkle has a chance to shine!!!