Friday, August 31, 2007

a new view

This red fountain at the Opryland hotel reminded me that sometimes we need to remember to change our view. I walked by it from the ground quite few times ( see below) and even almost sat on the edge...until noticing how wet it was! But it wasn't until I saw it from above that I found it to be incredibly beautiful with it's rich red and all of that great texture! This photo has got to be one of my favorites that I captured on my trip to Nashville.
I think this applies not only to photography, but even more to life. It is like this often; we don't always see how incredible things are in our world until we change our view.
Y'know I always say that different is not bad it is just different. There is most often good to be found in any situation, no matter how frustrating it may seem, if we take the time to look at it from a new angle and find that goodness. It makes me smile when this happens, like a treasure was just waiting there for me.
So here's to changing our view and looking at life with fresh eyes!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


just a quick note with a few online surprises to share! My CK September column is online HERE talking about sharing life lessons. I really enjoyed the journey of writing that one, so it is super nice to see it shared there on the CK site. Also some of my fonts have been put up on scrap'n'fonts as the CK August bundle you can see those HERE A big thank-you to Denise for recognizing Tiara's name in there and pointing them out to me :)
happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

well helooooo!!!!!

This is a double post....same thing over at my CK blog today, but It sure has been awhile since I blogged! I miss it, and am going to make up for it with daily posts on at least one of my blogs for the next bit I think. I have been saving up so much I want to say!

August has been good, really good. And also flown by entirely too fast. Why is it that good always seems to go hand in hand with flying by too fast? I have noticed around here that fall is on it's way; just all of a sudden. The air is cooler and gets downright chilly at night and I can smell that delicious crispness that comes with the fall. I love breathing in the smell of a new season filled with the possibility of new adventures just waiting for me to find them! The birds are beginning to fly south overhead in their pretty formations. And I am here feeling like the month has just begun, like I am still supposed to have half of the summer left, LOL!

We spent the first week of August away camping together as a family and with our super good friends from Saskatchewan; Krista, Braden and little Jake. It was perfect! No computers, no phones, most of the time not even a clock around to remind us what time of day it was. The kids rode bikes and caught frogs, we ate lots of watermelon, built sand castles and just had an amazing time! just a few pics for now...

and Here are some family photos taken by My friend Krista Domres I am so so glad she was willing to do a few for us because it really has been far to long since we had a good photo of the 5 of us all together

We returned home feeling so refreshed and I spent the next week and a half totally immersed in my work for my CKU album track Here is a visual for you of my crazy dining room take over!

I tidied my "creative mess" in between projects so that everything was back in it's buckets but when I got going it was good to just be in a groove and have everything right on hand. This moment is obviously right in the middle of "going!"

I turned off the Internet completely and got really focused, I had to, and it was so very worth it!

You see, I took over Tracy White's Fondest Memories album track for CKU Nashville last week, and decided to make it my own and give it my "C.D. spin". So I did 20 brand new layouts and wrote a new handout to go with them. My wall got plastered with layout after layout until it was covered like wall paper, and I have to say when the last layout was finished and up on the wall that was some pretty rewarding wall paper!

Last week in Nashville and I had the most amazing time teaching. Something I definitely want to do a lot more of ( I will post more photos and stuff from CKU soon)

So now I am peeking up out of my scrap world! And emerging back to real life :) This must be how a bear feels when it comes out of hibernation after the winter. A big stretch and a yawn and a deep breath of fresh air!

I am going to spend this next few weeks having some fun with my playground challenges and topics on the CK blog now that life is back to normal. I am really excited, I feel like the girls must feel when they have been waiting and counting the sleeps till a big play date. I missed you all!!! been counting the sleeps :)
it's good to be back