Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finding Wings

Here is my final HUGE 4 part Art piece I was sharing a bit of here
Playing with how it would look here in a picture that looks similar to my living room. Same-ish wall color, dark wood floors, Cream couch, and white trim; I wish I could have kept it...sigh, totally holds my heart. I guess really everything I make does LOL.

In case it is too hard to read in this little picture The painting says "She breathed in deeply as she spread her wings and found the freedom within her heart to Soar"

I AM happy to say that it was auctioned off for a great charity during Inspired and definitely went to a good home in my new friend Amy's freshly redone studio, can't wait to see pictures of her place!
A few close ups; I think that my fave part is the cage and the words that it holds, oh and I really like the way the sheen on the birds came out in the end, an epoxy-like finish...

There will be prints of this one coming soon for sure!
Not sure if they will be 4 parts or just done as one big image...we shall see.
Now onto a new piece that can STAY in my own new living room I guess

Monday, May 17, 2010

Special Guest Goodies

I am totally thrilled to be back as a special guest at the Lilypad for a wee bit! the creative team over there rocks my socks when I get the chance to play with them. Check out the goodness that they have made with my stuffs! For some closer looks take a stroll through their amazing gallery

To start out my fun with "the pollys" I have 2 brand new goodie packs for sale here
Check back in the next weeks for more!

And remember; all of you amazing ladies who learned a tiny bit about hybrid scrapbooking in my class last week, you can print theses cards on cardstock to add as base pages to your ever growing and evolving art journals, or print the flowers to bend up, and stitch up, and pile on top of eachother for some inexpensive page building accents!
If anyone has trouble knowing how to prepare them on an 8.5x11 sheet for printing just drop me an email and I will help you out in a jiff!

Happy Creating peeps

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painting Freedom

As I prepare my MASSIVE piece of original art that will go up outside of my Inspired classroom, I figured it may be fun to share some shots of the process, as I go along! The piece is going to be made up of a grouping of four 12x18 canvases, and I really didn't start out with Any idea of where this painting would go. I Love that. Love just following my instincts and letting the painting kind of unfold as I go's so cool to see where it ends up. At this point I am still not finished, I do know what I will write on here and sort of the direction it is taking, but the rest will unfold over the next day or so! Anyways, here how it goes.....

A good start with a few colors of paint in carefree strokes across the canvases

A few drips added with watercolors; still working mostly on the left side of the piece for now

More drips with paint and some with just a juicy brush full of water

Totally Embracing the joy of happily created mess in my fingers!
I'm washable, tis cool More drips and splats for building background depth

Starting to work over on the Right side of the piece as well, and add some of the first patterns with spray ink

Painting Airy white birds flying across the canvases, and some more pattern with paint and gesso

Working on the words;
Layered in watercolor first- 3 different colors, Then Pencil crayons in 3 colors with white highlights for depth...
Continuing on with the words, adding India ink bits and splotches, sewing patterns, and an more depth and texture bits that it seems to need.
I'll keep going from here and see how the other side of the piece unfolds; thinking of drawing an open bird cage since this piece is all about freedom. I'll share the finished work after Inspired is over.
I am leaving on a Jet plane in the morning and SO excited for the coming days. I know they will be filed with wonderful people , growth and creative exploration!
Be free my friends!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A few peeks

Here are a few little sneak peeks at my upcoming class for inspired!!!
This class is called "Storyteller's Toolbox" It's all about telling your story with what you've got, and of course it is jamm packed with great fun art techniques to make it all come together just the way you feel it in your heart.
I can't wait it's gonna be such a blast...more to come soon :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Blesings in Wet Paint

This layout makes me smile and think of 10 year old friends and the warmth of a summer afternoon together, yummy ice cream, and all of the ways we are Blessed right when we need it the most!
Sometimes we just need to be sure that our eyes are open to see the Blessings pouring in.
This "Wet Paint" alphabet has been released in my store this week so that other creative peeps can have a little bit of fun with it while celebrating their life's Blessings too!