Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh Little girl, what potential lies in you. The time has come to let go of all of your fears and soar to the heights you were made to reach!

note: All my own new products on this layout; 

May you soar with all of the beautiful freedom you were made to enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

my girls

Not my 3 incredible little people, but my sketched, painted, colored ladies.
I have been meeting so many incredible women in my new little town (and just in life) and as we share stories and I get to see beyond the layers we all have, I see that as women we have so much in common, so many similar stories, dreams ,fears, and wishes.

I am just continually inspired by all of these wonderful people, and by the spirit in me that just has to turn thoughts and feelings into words and art. Now that I have given into this promting to tell these stories, I just have to write them as they inspire me and my hands can hardly keep up!
I have been painting all of these girls/ladies like mad. I can't stop. I am a story writing, Girl painting maniac. I just carry this old old thesaurus with me and my pencil case all over the place in a little birdie bag, and well, there I am working on another story that moves my heart and strikes a chord with me. I Love how taking the time to celebrate the thoughts and fears and stories of those in my life, makes me see more, feel more.
I have known this for some time because it is what I do as I record our stories in our scrapbooks and my own art journals...but this somehow, makes me Love and understand so much beyond our own world.
This is about every woman's story that is waiting to be understood...not simply what is going on in our own tiny corner of the world.

Art evolves, and what inspires me changes all the time, especially if I am being true and following what makes me feel alive, allowing my own journey to unfold. So really, who knows if this will be a short lived passion, creating a lovely new collection, or something that I do for awhile, I am just here to let it pour out from my heart straight through my painted and messy hands, and Loving my view from here while it does.

note: new art prints will be available soon, we're adding a cart here in the next few months

Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 days!

I can't even believe they have had a hundred days of school this year already!
There are soooo many reasons that I want this year to drag by at a snail's pace and for that reason alone it just isn't going to is it? This is Emy's last year of Elementary school, her last year of recess and all things non-high school-ish; soooo many changes going on at that age,WOW.
I just wanna enjoy every day with her right where she is. 

Tiara has THE most incredible teacher that I would pay millions to ( if I was a millionaire of course) just to have her stay with Tiara's grade FOREVER! And the class on a whole is incredible, super respectful and kind kids, So I just want to drag on that grade 3 time for Tiara's sake. 
And Kaiella, my baby...sigh, it is one thing that she is at school ALL DAY this year, I can handle that because 6 is still little, still so soft and so full of little-isms and giggly itty bitty-ness. Seven years old and grade two, well that will just be getting far too big for me, I wanna bottle her up and keep her just like this!!!

So there you have it, now I sound like a mom who can't let go, when really I am happy for them for all of the steps that they take and all of the growth that they make, I would just like time to go a wee bit slower please :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day details

I am always thrilled to celebrate a day just for sharing our Love...YAYYY! This year the girls and I baked our little hearts out getting ready to share their Love with their friends; tons of cupcakes both HUGE and mini, and for Emy marshmallow pops with fun valentines tags. YUMMMM!
The girls took their treats and cards proudly to school this morning in cute little buckets, dressed for the day from head-to-toe. I Love giddy little girl mornings, males me feel like a giddy little girl too; I can't wait till they get home with all of their party stories and all excited to dump out and look through their cards!
Even if you have no kids and no "sweetheart", hoping you take the time to make the people in your life who RAWK feel Loved and special today! send an ecard, pick up the phone JUST let them know they are important to you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Forever

 A rare page just For My Cam,  
picture by Emy from our trip to Mexico, click for a MUCH better view :)
Journaling says:
He's my yesterday and my tomorrow, my smiles and my laughter, my very best friend, yes, he's my always...My forever.

I think that pretty much sums it up, This guy of mine really is incredible; he believes in me and supports my adventures and dreams and he is such an amazing daddy to our girls, AND he does dishes happily...he couldn't possibly be any dreamier if he tried!
Thanks cam!!!

Using some of my sketchy, doodley stamp sets on here
Lovely Lockets , Meadow sketchbook, and from the heart
 These guys can be used digitally, printed on white cardstock or watercolor paper and painted, or applied right to your photos before printing...sigh I love me some good relaxing doodle time!

Today- we  are putting the finishing touches on all of our valentines baking, finishing up cute little cards and making sure all of the Heart's day attire is clean and ready to go for tomorrow, housework can wait we have partying to do!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Painting My "right now"

Here I am right now, noticing how the noise and the busy can drown out my own heart's voice. We can go go go until there isn't even a wee corner of free space to just let things sit in our hearts and minds and turn into something beautiful. I know that I personally, am definitely not finding the free space I have needed in the last while to really connect to my true self and let my spirit grow wings...soooooo of course the best way I know to express that is to paint it out. 

The thing is, and I am sure that I'm not alone in this, I have not been filling my time and my mind with idle blather, just the opposite; amazing kids- little hearts who need tender mama care, family activities and time to take care of the home, teaching Sunday school, and volunteering in the classroom so I can be a part of my girls' world...etc. GOOD BLESSED LIFE! 
I guess I am just realizing that quiet spirit time is not just going to up and find me, I am going to need to activily CREATE for myself just what I need. So it's decided, I'm Planning a creative retreat for myself in the near future to remedy this, just a personal quiet getaway, me, music, lots of paint and empty canvases to pour onto. I'm also going to figure out what it is that I need and finally move into this little studio room I have here; make it what I need it to be; a vibrant creative sanctuary of happy goodness!

Cheers to MAKING your time and space what you need it to be!
make a few notes today of what you need to clear away so you can hear your heart sing and just