Sunday, September 20, 2009

For all of you scrappers...

...Come on out and grab the deals while you can!
Little Dreamer is having a store wide Fall sale and EVERYTHING is marked down 25-35% !!!
It hasn't been feeling much like fall around here , in fact it has been Hotter than it was for most of the summer, but with the long cold winters we get in Manitoba, I'm definitely not complaining!

I did manage to get in the fall spirit a wee bit and have a few new things up in the store ( finally!)
Here are my bits, one brand new and two re-releases, and I have lots more in the works for some fun guest stuff coming up in October, so be sure to check back soon and see what's up :)
Happy Creating to you

Friday, September 18, 2009

A little free online lesson to share

Hey there peeps, Today I am the guest blogger over at the CK blog,
There's tons of fun info and ideas shared there all the time, it's definitely one to add to your bookmarks.
Come on over today and check out my lesson on EXACTLY how to make this layout in just one hour!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Be radiant, Go strong into this day!

...a message me and my girls have been discussing today...the ability is in each one of us, it is a CHOICE to shine!!!

go forth in all your beauty my fine friends

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kindergarten baby

Our baby girl started school this morning. In that cute new backpack is a cabbage patch kid to hug in case she "feels tears coming" and a little framed picture of mommy "to see"...sigh, I Love having little people to admire and hug and giggle about, they are just so very fantastic!

Anyways, She was so excited that she got up this morning and drew a little picture for her teacher, requested pea soup in the new soup thermos for her first lunch, and got all prettied up in her new knee highs and sweet sweater. Such a funny little monkey she has been so excited and then came the tears when it was time for me to get her settled at her little table. The thing with baby #3 is that I KNOW she will love it, she will be totally fine and she is more than ready for the fun that she is about to have. So I am not having tears in the van this time. Amazing since I thought sending my littlest one would make me sad...but no. The days will go by so fast and I will have her little arms around me every second day for this year anyways, next year when she goes every day I might feel differently, but for today she is our newest school girl and we are so proud of her :)

So are her big sisters who were both very eager to show her the ropes and get her settled where she needed to be

ETA: I had to come back and share how happy she was at the end of the day. Little Bella says it was her BEST DAY EVER! look at this sweet little happy face after school...