Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paint Crew

What is painting without a bit of indoor graffiti?
And mine speaks the truth!
Happiness was here indeed, as the college and career students from our church came over for the night last week to Bless us with their skillz!

It was so incredible to see how fast things can come together with a whole crew to help. We cracked open that can of "chocolate Fondue" brown, turned up the tunes, and before I knew what had happened the girls had facial hair, and our room was as cozy as can be...strange combo I know, but hey, it worked!A huge huge thank-you to all of you Rawkin' peeps for your time, and for your fantastic happy fun energy here in our home!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

crazy times

A feature wall and a new pocket door all going in at once thanks to my incredible in-laws

It is one of those crazy times in life where you know you will look back and chuckle and say "
man, that was CRAAAZEEY!"
We have boxes packed up to store until we get to the next house, we have rooms pushed to the middle to receive some pretty paint, we have a bathroom half ripped apart because it is getting a makeover, and family popping in and out to help with the crazies...EVERY spare minute of EVERY day we are doing this thang and OMGoodness we are exhausted! if I even let myself begin to tell you how exhausted we may actually possibly be, then I would be admitting it and might stop long enough to actually realize it and run the risk of slowing down...we DO NOT HAVE TIME for slowing down so I am admitting NOTHING! What I am going to tell you is that I am Loving the bits as it gets finished around here, I have to do the multiple walk bys and to catch a few happy glances just so I can feel all happy and good about it before I go back to whichever Rubbermaid bin I might be packing up.
It's all coming together and that RAWKS!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Dreamy pages

A quick inspiration share today.
Here are a couple of pages I have done with the new Dreams take Flight goodies

First is "angel Boy"
I may live in a very very pink world here at our house, but lucky for me I get to be a proud auntie to some precious little boys and I LOVE these little drippy, drooly, happy wiggly pictures of sweet baby Kane, he truly is a little bundle of Joy 100%.
As soon as I started going through his little 3 month session to edit I KNEW I had to do something with these two shots, this kit was just the thing I needed!

This one is called "Summer Friends"
This friendship truly is a gift from heaven in so many ways, and both of these girlies are such radiant wonderful people. These are two girls who know how to use their imagination's and how to explore with open hearts and muddy toes...I Love it!!!
This kit is about the possibilities that are waiting for us just behind the next cloud, about sharing a positive message with the ones we Love to scrap about, and about having the freedom to Dream your best dreams and make them come true!
Sooo... for some more awesome inspiration from the talented Scrap Artist Design team check out these great pages too!

"Dreams Fly" by Danielle Donaldson
"Freedom" by Lili

"Peace and Tranquility" by Alice
"Possibilities" by Gabi

"Possibilities" by Lili
Thank-you ladies and all of the other fantastic designers that have done such a fantastic job sharing their wonderful stories with this kit.

peace and dreams to you all

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dreams Take Flight

Here it is!
meet my current project; Dreams Take FlightAs the guest Designer over at scrap artist this month I couldn't imagine a more free and dreamy theme/ color palette to inspire the Dreamer in me as we get into the crisp crunch of fall. It's the time of year where I get excited to pull out my favorite boots, cuddle up under the best fluffy blankets we have, and get into my pile of books... or just take some cozy time to enjoy my own "freedom to dream"

Come and check out the whole big collab kit available for October only!

ETA: This kit and alphabet have now been moved to my store


that is the sound of my life zooming.....whooooosh, see there it goes again!
So. I am realizing this morning that I very rarely update my blog and am being a total blog slacker lately as I scroll down my neglected blog and through my recent facebook updates ( when I actually take a minute to update either) that I MUST be busy!
A sure sign is the lack of kid/life photos being shared...it is obvious that my life as of lately is not being lived with a camera in hand as it so often is. Don't get the wrong idea I'm not actually mad wild paparazzi, well Ok maybe a bit, but I usually do pick up my camera once or twice a day and capture a little slice of life around here. Instead I have been painting, and tearing out old trim, and giving away things I am not using often enough, doing some guest art here and there and then squishing and hugging and loving little girls, and it starts all over the next day...
I know, I know, everyone's life is busy, but me, I like a little but more of a chilled out pace, I am a chilled out kinda gal.
Even though I do know that my silly chilly way of life will grace me with it's presence again before we know it I am going to pretend just for today that all is chills-ville and just to make me happy here is a random selection of photos from the last couple of months....Lots of Tia because she loves the camera and just a few of our other girlies because they are far too busy enjoying the fall to stop for me to grab pictures of them!