Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm wading.....

in wet basement clean up today
not so much how I planned for this day to go.
Many many other thing I need to be doing with less than a week to go before a big trip, including happy mommy time.
But alas,
Our hot water tank exploded last night and so cam and I are spending the day enjoying the results of that.
Call it spring cleaning, call it time together, call it what you want but it is not a good thing right now.
Rusty staining yucky water EVERYWHERE!!!

Thank Goodness for my mom taking the littles so that we can wade efficiently at least

well, worse things are going on in the world right?!
Just bear with me please, looks like I won't get sneek peeks of my other class up untill tomorrow

till next time
hope you're high and dry and feelin' fine

after thought: any Winnipeg folks who know where to get the best deal on a new hot water tank pleeez fill us in K?! thaaaank-youuu

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sketch day!

Good Morning!
I did a sketch for the sweet folks over at the Scrapbookers Clubhouse and today is the day to play along. Just thought I would share it with you all here so you can join in if you like :)
Make sure to leave me a link to your page if you do give it a try... always fun for me to see how everyone does their own thing!
It was so much fun to dig out some of Bella's old baby photos to scrap.
Look at that chubby little face!!! And her teetering new walk, WOW time flies!
I just wanna reach in and squish her and kiss those little cheekies

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

textures, photos, answers and a smile

You've got questions and I've got answers!

First of all I want to say thanks for the compliments on my spring photos. I have a lot to learn but I am always happy to share what I do know.
It sure is fun to play a bit and take a great moment that is an alright photo and make it into something that you just adore, something that really brings the feeling of that moment to life for you.

Here is the photo that I took of my girls on their outdoor adventure as it looked straight from the camera.

First I brightened the area where my girls are; to draw the eye to the "subject"

This is one of the textures that was applied over top of it to get the nice textured look in the sky. It is from a pack by Micheal Smith- aka:ASH a totally talented photographer with amazing textures that you can purchase here. The final result of my play time is the photo in my last post.

And you can find some good "how to" tips for applying textures here

Note: I don't know this guy , this is Not an ad, I am just really honestly impressed with what he does :)

2. My SAG album track.

I am getting so so excited about this next trip


[you need your photos with you]

and I just got the address to the forums for the event so I will put together a list of photos and the sizes that you may want, and post it there.

{Do Not Stress About This PLEASE!}
let me repeat
I am pretty "free" as a teacher, There will be No hard and fast rules, I want you to walk away feeling like your creation is your own and you LOVE it. So if I have used a 5x7 photo and you love BIG pics and you want to use a 7x10"
and if you want to throw in 6 small wallets instead then
The important thing is that you get your stories told and have some fun learning a few cool techniques along the way. The idea of this album is to tell the stories of your BEST BEST BESTEST memories.
For me, I narrowed that down to best summer memories just to give me a focus. You can keep it broad or choose a focus but
Start looking through your pictures now, choose 25 memories to record in this album,
and begin writing down the stories that go with them.
I will See you in the forums SAG friends :)

3. Randoms
Jewelry today: silver sparkly plastic star earrings and a star wrist band

around the house: organizing things into buckets. baskets and big strainers. Letting the dishes pile up.

drinking: a butter caramel iced capp from Tim's

healthy snack: apples and vanilla yogurt
activity with the girls: making finger food for supper and eating it outside while picking "beautiful" daisy-lions
Working on: -some new digital brushes for a guest designer thingie ( RAH RAH RAH...this is totally new Go me!!!)
-a fun assignment layout for October CK
-some photo shoots
-and a cool sketch layout for something special ( come back tomorrow to see!)
Lens on my camera: 28-135mm...feeling like getting the wider angle today, tomorrow it might be the 50mm 1.8 Those are the only two I have so it is pretty much a 50/50 chance I'll be using one of them :)

well there you have it
Anymore random questions? Leave em here


Saturday, May 17, 2008

spring adventures

I am so so happy to finally feel that wonderful warm breeze of spring here in Winnipeg. The girls love it too. It just makes us want to get out there and breathe it all in. We have been doing lots of eating out on the front step and going for walks and at very very least opening tons of windows. We found a great park to walk and explore with my sweet mom yesterday after school. What an awesome way to blow through the after-school-4:00-crazies!
Emy walked with me most of the time and the little two just RAN and RAN! lol
I think my mom ended up with everyone's snacks, toys and water bottles near the end of our adventure, and even a toddler to carry despite my insistence that they were each responsible to carry their own stuff....guess she is just nicer than me :) But that is what Gramies are for aren't they?

I love this shot below; my 4 best girls so happy and carefree together

Happy Friday and a big ol' CHEERS to spring adventures outside!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

woo hoo Zoo Picturama!!!

I finally cleared off enough of my hard drive to load my big 8 gig memory card. The pictures on it are total treasures. I love the way photos can take you back to the best of times. You can almost feel the warm air and the sun beating down and sometimes you are just about magically transported to the most perfect moments. Our Mothers Day afternoon at the zoo was pretty much perfect. A beautiful sunny day and it was so so good just to be all together outside.

A few highlights:
-the big show we got from this gorgeous peacock, the kids loved him
- The funniest monkeys who gave us quite a show and had all of our attention for at least 15 minutes ( which is pretty good for an un-napped toddler!)
-Watching them feed fruit to the bears; this one below is going for the apple in the water
- Emy spinning in the park with total glee until she felt like she could fly ( AH.... the joy and freedom of childhood!)
-The pretty pink flamingos; pink is a pretty loved colour at our house so those guys were a big hit
- Bella finding the cutest little pink hand print on the wall and declaring "HEEYYYY It's my hand mama!!!!!!"

Whoo hoo Zoo!!!

Here's to many more warm sunny happy days outside together as we head into summer

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

check out my article!

Come on over and download my article from Creating Keepsakes May issue for some fun ways YOU can make your own cool flowers. From painted office clips and little beads, to fabric scraps, no-sew thread, and cardboard squares. Hopefully your spring layouts, or any layouts will be filled with all kinds of imaginative happy blooms!!!

Get my painted stems ( see below) and check out some fresh faces with some great ideas as well.

YIPEE for flowers,
for the new life that comes with the spring,
YIPEE for my very first article, and for it being online so that everyone can have it :)

A virtual bouquet to you my friends!

sneek peek

hey there

Just sharing a little peek at the album track I will be teaching at Scrapaganza; in Holland June 6th-8th, and in England June 13th-15th
Check out some of the yummy papers below.
It is gonna be an amazing full day of hands on do -it-yourself techniques; watercolor, fabrics, tapes, buttons, tissue paper you name it!
This class will not only get one full 12x12 album completed but teach you all kinds of fun techniques that you can take with you to the rest of your scrap projects!

Still a few spaces left if you wanna join in, the more the merrier I say :)

WHOOT for hands on crafty fun in Europe!!!!
if you have any questions, leave em here

Happy Birthday

To one of the greatest people in our life!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

because nothing looks better to me...

Than HOME!

There is no grass any greener than right here!!!
and that is the truth ( even though technically our grass IS still brownish...but you know)
I am finally back, safe and sound, and with all of my favorite people

so so good

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy mothers day!!!

Happy Mothers Day wishes to all of you incredible amazing and inspiring mothers.
I was going to list a number of my friends, family and other mothers who truly touch me with their devotion to their families, their strength and their amazing beauty. But I just kept going and going and this post was on the way to taking up 4 or 5 pages! So my friends- you know who you are, you make me a better mom and a better me by the way that you "mother" by the way that you live, and I am so glad there is a day to honor and celebrate this. I can't imagine life for even one second without all of the beautiful "mothers" in my life.

well as you can see thanks to photo booth, I am much happier today;
Back at the airport enjoying my own lovely Mothers Day incredibly delish LARGE, yep seriously- large, TCBY old fashioned vanilla frozen yogurt, and some pink lemonade :)
It's not adorable drippy p-nut butter toast and eggs being spilled all over my lap but it will have to do for now.
I have a date for this afternoon with some wonderful little people and one amazing big one. We have decided to go right from the airport in Winnipeg over to the zoo for a happy afternoon adventure together, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

since I have to sit here for a couple of hours please Bless me in the comments with notes on the amazing mothers in your life. Tell me how they inspire you, how they make a difference. Let's get a whole heart warming tribute to moms going on here OK?!

Happy Day to you all!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

looks like I'm spending the night...

at the Doubletree in Denver, which means I am NOT spending it at home hugging my family

We sat on our plane in salt Lake for about 2 hours while they decided that
one of the engines was broken and shuffled us onto another plane. Now I am in Denver crying on the airport floor because I miss my sweet girls,
because I should be at home right now,
because they are all upset that I won't be there in the morning for their traditional sweet breakfast in bed,
and well ...just because the tears come sometimes.

I am safe, the girls really are OK we will all be fine, it is all fine. It is

you know, I am pretty laid back about travel adventures usually. There isn't much that ruffles my feathers in this life, and most of the time I am smiling through it. I have been stuck in the Vegas airport for the night, have fainted and hit my head while traveling sick, bags have been lost and planes have been name it, it has happened, and I have managed to take it all with a smile and a pretty god attitude . But I guess this time I was just really looking forward to being home for Mothers Day, just really missing my family. *sigh*

well, here's to a good sleep and a new day tomorrow
see ya soon friends

P.S. I AM tired of seeing my own mugg on these posts but since I can't load my camera right now and I think posts need pics. my little photo booth captures are gonna have to do for now

Friday, May 09, 2008

notes from a great week!

I have had an awesome week in Salt Lake!
Went out for the funnest night with my friend Brittany...haven't seen each other since Jan 07 so that was just a delight.

Filming was a blast as usual; It was the very first crew I ever shot with a year and a half ago so it was like hanging out with old friends!
let me just say that at some point throughout the video I.....
- wore at least 6 duct tape rolls on my arms as bangles,
-splashed paint on my shrit,
-used a product called "stiffy" on my limp fabric....and umhmmm,yeah, said that outloud
-and somewhere in there I am pretty sure that I actually heard myself say "Presto Bango" pretty much as much of a dork as always ;)

I have some fun pics of my week but my computer is not letting me load my photos right now...time to clean off the hard drive I guess. But I will totally edit to add when I get home :)

After filming and a few meetings on Wed. I got to hang out for a bit with my friend Emily and her sweetest evah baby- Yindi,
had a fun lunch with the CK staff on thurs. and then headed off to stay with my friend Michelle and her girls for a few days. We have had an amazing time...truly a blessing to know them.

I miss my girls and Cam like crazy, thank goodness for Skype so I have been able to see those perfect little faces. Can't wait to get home now. Just in time to share mothers day! heading out in the morning.

see ya soon

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm off.....

On my way to Salt Lake city to do another DVD shoot! YAAAYYYY
Just waiting in Denver rght now for my connection.
I am so so excited, I have been a busy girl getting TONS of fun new projects ready and just feeling creatively happy and inspired in general. I LOVE working with the folks from TN marketing ( the filming folks) , they are always lots of fun. Also gonna head over to the CK offices and catch up with everyone there, have a few meetings and visit with some friends of mine out that way.
Yipeee skipppeeeee here I go!!!!!!!!

ETA: if I owe you an email thanks for being patient with me while I was creating and filming I will be home and try to get caught up pretty soon :)