Saturday, August 23, 2008

summer posts

hey there, just wanted to pop in and let you know that as promised, I have been slowly getting  some of those old draft posts up that have been building over the jamm-packed-away -from-home summer months. If you pop by here for a visit please scroll down and check out how our summer has been rolling :) 
I will keep adding them as I find bits of time to throw on the photos and spell check ;)

Been working hard on a few VERY exciting new projects, well... I think they are exciting anyways, hope to share more details very very soon. 
We are away in the US right now getting in just a bit more quality time with the girls before the new school year gets under way. 
Sending them off to school after the holidays is always so bittersweet for me. *sigh* I really do have the three very best girls in the whole world. Sorry if you have girls but I'm afraid I was blessed to get the best!

Hope your weekend is Fab, Fresh and always FUN!
peace and blessings and happy day wishes,
xo, me

Friday, August 15, 2008

random notes from the road

Sitting on the floor in the airport this morning,having a cinnabon for breakfast and watching people walk by. Man, there are a lot of people in a rush!

I always enjoy airports for this reason; watching all of the rushing people going by all around me makes me enjoy all the more my own inner peace. In busy hustle bustle places I seem to find myself extra peaceful; with a book, my thoughts, a is Like my own little island of quiet amidst the stormy sea.

It has been a busy summer with A LOT of time away from home.
I am feeling like my feet have barely touched Winnipeg soil. Some of the time away has been on my own, for work, but there has also been plenty of time away with my family. I always LOVE the time with all 3 girls home for the summer, we fill our time together with all sorts of adventures and new memories.
I have at least 10 blog posts in draft that I have written as I have a thought to share, and tons of photos etc.
WOW,I am really hoping that some more time at home as we head into the fall will mean some time for me to catch up on things like that. The fall makes me sad to send the girls away all day to school, but getting back into the routine of the school year is always a good good thing.

I am throwing in a few pictures of the girls out for ice cream just because a post needs pictures ;)
Happy day to you
wherever you are; I hope you can enjoy your own inner peace in the middle of your day :)