Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Thursday highlights

I Have been Loving the way "Week in The Life" has captured all of the bits that make up "us" right now. Capturing everything from, what we are eating, to school activities, cuddles with little people who won't always be so little, the weather, and what my day looks like working from home. I can't wait to put this all together so we can look back on it and remember what life in the Muckosky house in 2012 was all about! Today was toast for breakfast, healthy snacks, love notes from my little one, a never ending game of fetch, after school giggly cuddles, Bible study catch up by the fire place, supper on the go, and a clear night with a sparkly sliver of a moon out my window. There was much much more but that's just the highlight reel. Are you doing "week in the life" too? share a link in the comments so we can see what you are up to!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Week In The Life begins

I am really looking forward to this week, Ali Edwards has inspired a whole community to capture a "week in the life"-documenting all kinds of everyday bits of life going on in your home! I Love my life, I Love the motivation of a good challenge, and so will do my best. My good camera is in the shop with a broken shutter so it will be mostly iphone pics this year, but it is so handy I think I may even capture more that way! Here is a little look at our Monday; Leaving with friends, sharing Art time, beautiful blue skies, A special lunch date, an evening at the pool, waiting for giggly girls to finish changing, Tim's with a sweet friend, and at last little Angel's off to dreamland.
 Join the fun and share your links here! I'd love to see what you're up to

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Guess what I'm working on?

I'm super excited to be a contributor in this Great e-book coming out in May! I have had many hours sitting on the floor in my studio, creating happy colorful new projects that showcase some of my favorite tips for telling the stories of life. 
 Keep an eye on things here over the next month as I get ready to share some more sneek peeks and give you the chance to win some great prizes.
In the meantime check out this Teaser video for a bit more info!

 In other news, the weather here has suddenly been extra warm For Early April in Manitoba, the kiddos have a little extra spring in their step. The windows are open and the bird song filling our house makes my heart so very happy.
 Little Jellybean Toes are muddy from hunting for ladybugs, Daddy is taking walks to the park and of course out for ice cream
 Skies are Blue, Bikes are out, and on the whole everyone seems a little more merry now that the snow is gone from sight.
Enjoy the fresh start that comes with Spring my friends!