Monday, June 09, 2014

a little more...

Want to know a little more before you take the leap?
Our 12 sessions together "In The Studio" includes:
Intro to watercolor and acrylic blending techniques
There are many different ways to apply and mix paints in your Art.  We will begin to explore some of my favorites and create a great hand painted bag and a book of beautifully prepared pages.

Understanding color blending (without making mud!)  

I LOVE love love color!  Do you ever get frustrated when you try and use all of your favorites but end up with a muddy mess?  We will learn some color blending basics to use throughout these sessions in order to keep our projects as vibrant as possible!


Brush control exercises
Knowing how to use and blend paint is great but without practiced and controlled strokes, you still may not be able to get the effects you're looking for!  We will learn what kinds of different effects can be made with different brushes and the best ways to hold the brush and apply the paint.  We will create a super colorful and eye catching tree painting using both wide strokes and tiny delicate a few more fabulous projects that will leave you both practiced and proud of your work.
Building textured backgrounds
There is no limit to the number of layers and textures we can add on top of each other.  We will build such interest and depth that your background will be as much a work of art as the subject matter you place on it.
Wild background effects in watercolor

Watercolor is so very fun to manipulate and there are a whole variety of ways to create interest and reactions with the pigment in the paint. These are so simple yet impressive you will be coming back to them over and over as you build beautiful foundations for your paintings and pages.
 Intro to illustration
This has been a favorite pass time of mine since I started writing cereal box board books in grade 2, and later in high school would illustrate all of my classmates (including their quirks of course!)  This session will be an imagination workout in creating a world of your own where the only limit is what you can dream up!

We will also be
- Exploring a vast array of Art surfaces and mediums
- Playing with faces in 5+ ways
- Building heartful words into your work
- Using all sorts of inks
- And much much more!!!

Check our registration page Here. Our Early bird sale ends tomorrow but you can join the fun anytime through the year! I truly am so happy, I just feel like we are on the edge of what will be one of my very favorite adventures yet!

Have a Blessed week my friends,

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Online Classes!!

Hello Friends,  

Long post alert! But hopefully well worth the read. I have some BIG BIG news that just may speak right to your heart! It is something that so many of you have asked me for, and so I have poured myself into creating a really special new program to kick off our brand new website launch next week!  ( eeeeep! next weeek!!!) 
It has been long in the works and is finally just around the corner. 
Honestly, I can hardly contain myself! 

 ...That you could let go of trying to be perfect and simply enjoy the process of creating? Have you dipped your toe into the sea of wild and wonderful art mediums out there and had no clue where to begin? Looked at the work of others and longed to find your wings? Longed to be more free? 

If your heart is bursting to create and your spirit holds a message that is beyond words alone, you are in the right place! Many of you invest so much of your heart and time into everyone else, and leave hardly a moment to care for your own deepest needs. I understand, because a few years ago, that was me.  

I would like to invite you to take a deep breath and think about investing in a year long adventure that just might change your life. Take that first brave step in making some time for YOU, for finding Joy, nurturing your soul, and growing your creative wings! You just may find that you have so much more to give.
It is time!

Don't let fear or doubts hold you back for one more day! 
look at what these classes have done for Theresa, one of my lovely students.

" Until I met CD and took her classes I was stuck. I am a total perfectionist and I could never get my art to look the way that I wanted, so I would just get frustrated and quit. Her gentle and fun way of encouraging freedom nudged me out of my box and taught me how to let go of the boundaries I had made for myself. Now I can happily create in layers and work past the places that used to trip me up. Thank-you!" -Theresa

"In The Studio" - (12 Sessions)


Join me for “In The Studio” for 12 sessions of wildly wonderful ART! 
No matter where you live in the world, you can now take a virtual step into my studio to learn just like my local students do each week!! Every session we will explore a whole new set of mediums, surfaces, and techniques. I am SO excited to see what you will create and how you're going to grow!

For as long as I can remember, ART has been for me, a passion from the depths of my soul.  I would love to spend these 12 sessions walking along side you, my friends for whom ART isn’t simply a way to fill a few hours, but a passion and a way to pour out heart and soul.  I believe that investing time to develop a craft that you are passionate about is ALWAYS time well spent!  

It gives you the confidence and skills that you need to go far beyond techniques and express yourself in a way that truly comes from deep within.  This will give a voice to your thoughts, feelings, and dreams over the next year.  I hope to help guide you to great possibilities, and cheer you on as you develop your own style of expression!!  

Every session we will cover new skills, you will learn through...

  • videos with me in my studio, teaching you just like I would if you were right beside me
  • written directions, and vibrant photos for those who learn better that way
  • Lots of fun printables & worksheets
  • Ideas shared between classmates in our Private message board discussions
and we will practice all of that fabulous learning  with a HUGE variety of projects and art pieces!

We have both men and women, boys and girls, moms, dads, and even grandparents who take these studio classes!  They are taught in a way that encourages and appeals equally to...
*Adults who long to create and want to increase their freedom,
*Kids who have such a deep passion for art they can't wait one minute more to get their hands dirty,
*Homeschool families looking for an art class to do together,
*Parents who do these classes with their child to share a common skill and create a special time together,
*and those who just need to let the stress of the workday roll away as they get lost in the art. 

 "When I first signed up for art class, with my daughter, I did so very begrudgingly.  I signed up to bond with my preteen.  I did not think I would be any good at it or possibly that I wouldn't even like it very much.  For the first class I was quite nervous, and almost didn't want to be there.  Before that first class was done my attitude completely reversed!  Miss C.D. put me at ease right away, and gently encouraged me to find my inner me.  As a Mom, a Wife, a Co-worker, you sometimes forget who that really is.  I found that Miss C.D. gently stretched me, just a little out of the box I had put myself in.  I soon found that I could literally feel the stress from the day/week melt right off.  Not only did it effect the day that art class was on, I found it affected every day.  Soon I was seeing the prettier side to life, seeing art possibilities where I wouldn't have looked before!  My original bonding with my daughter goal has definitely been achieved.  My daughter and I are constantly coming up with art ideas, and stealing little bits of time to art it up!"

I have watched as students like Colleen have gone from tentative and cautious to carefree and SO excited for the next class.  It is such an honor to be a small part of that journey and I want to invite YOU to be a part of it too!  No matter where you fall, encouraging parent, or cautious perfectionist, I would Love to see what would happen for you if you made this little step to invest in yourself.  Purely, beautifully, time for you to nurture your spirit and take that deep breath you have been waiting for. 

Blessings to you

xo, CD

$360 (12 Sessions)

3 monthly payment option
($120 USD each month for 3 months)

Once I register for the class, how long will I have to take all of the lessons? 
We firmly believe that once you pay for a class it should be yours for keeps.  I would encourage you, if you can, to try and join in with the community as we go month to month together, it definitely enriches the experience to share ideas and journey the year together!  But that is your choice for sure.  Life can be a roller coaster so please take in the content as quickly or slowly as you need to make it something that nurtures your spirit.

If I have questions as I go how will I have access to my instructor?
We have been hard at work on our new website that will have a class message board accessible only to course members, you can pop in there 24/7 and ask me questions, or share ideas with your classmates!

I’m not sure how on-line classes work.  Are the classes LIVE? Do I have to be at my computer at a scheduled time?
The classes are self paced, meaning you don’t have to be anywhere at any given time to make it to class!  This is YOUR experience to have when it suits YOU best!  There are no specific times of day that you need to be online, you can log in whenever you want and have access to all of the lessons that have been posted.  You can choose to sign in to the classroom each day, once a week, or even just one a month.  No matter how often you join the class, the content, classmates and instructor will be ready to welcome you! 

We have a space set up to do art in a different location than our computer, do we need to be at our PC to watch the lessons?
Not at all! You can access the classroom and videos from a tablet or an iphone etc.  Feel free to take us with you wherever you can enjoy the class time most.

I'd love to buy this class as a gift for my daughter/grandson/loved one. How can I sign them up?
It's easy!  Simply email us at and we will take care of creating a special (and eye catching) gift certificate for you to give your special someone.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes!  We understand that this course is an investment, to make it easier on students who are feeling that this is just what they need but may not be able to spend the full year amount all at once, we have an option to pay for this class in 3 monthly installments of $120.

This is all new to me, what kinds of supplies am I going to need? 
This is a year of exploring and using many different mediums.  The nice thing about having new topics in each session is that you can space out your supply gathering over the course of the class!  Have no fear I WILL NOT leave you lost and confused wandering the aisles of the art store.  In each session, you will see the supplies list of what we will be working with....I am a pretty resourceful kind of girl and don't spend big bucks on supplies if it is not needed.  So, I am very happy to share what I have learned over the years and walk you through what the quality and cost options are. Then you can make an informed choice about what you want to spend, and where you can save.  I hope this will be a excellent resource to you as you learn how to work with all of my favorite yummy art goodies!