Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Family fun day!

It was a good weekend, Saturday we went to family fun day put on by Cam's work, so much fun! Clowns and potato sack races ( Cam got 2nd place) and Emy won the three legged race for her age group! Kaiella was scared of everything ( she is these days, must be an age phase I think at almost 2 the other girls were the same) the balloons, the clown , the jumpers... Even the sponge bob soccer ball, poor girl! But I have to say my star of the day was Tiara. She found her courage within and conquered a long time fear. She has always been a SUPER cautious child, and has been afraid of the bouncy jumpers. This Saturday she watched all day and worked up her courage and then right at the end she decided to give it a go... First sitting on the edge and then getting in to actually jump! She had a blast and was so very proud of herself! I have to say I was pretty proud too. The joy on her face was so great and the day was so fun I couldn't resist taking some pictures, I was just really careful with my wrist and iced later.

It's been slow going on the healing, and I have to say, I am an easy-going girl but it is getting harder and harder to just let my clean laundry pile up unfolded ( although there is always a load or two on the couch waiting!) and popping onto the computer for some slow lefty typing only here and there is getting old for me. I really want this to heal up well though so I am trying my best to behave! And on the bright side I'm getting to bed earlier most night cuz I'm not up working on stuff. I never made it on here on Friday ( for a couple weeks) to tell you what is good in my life so I will now; An unexpected visit with my Dad, mom's homemade chicken soup, Kaiella's baby alphabet song, Tiara's courage, a nap this evening, taking time to really take in the joy of my little family, growing into a better me, an evening with my Kristie, and the knowledge that it is all in God's hands ( isn't that a load off!) What is good for all of you lately,what do you love in your life? Tell me it makes me happy to read.

I just noticed that Ali Edwards has a daily happiness blog, sortof the same idea as what is good in your life, only more of a what makes you happy today. it is awesome to read what makes people happy and so great to focus on the positive, I think we all need a reminder to do that here and there. She has some wonderful t-shirts too I discovered, I just have to get one ( or a few!) If you don't already, you should check out Ali's blog she is such a kind and positive chick ( and of course, way way talented too) , I love the things she has to say, they are always so uplifting.

have a great week

Friday, June 23, 2006

Funny stuff

Check out this commercial, so so funny, I want to try this on my kids sometime, hee hee they would be in total shock!

Jake! ...and a new challenge

Man I love this little guy! Some of our closest friends ( Krista and Braden ) live the next province over ( about 6 hours) and this little Jake dude is their first baby, they have always been great people, it is so cool to see them grow into really great parents as well! I took this photo when Krista was here for a visit last month. I took so many, I'll be good for awhile when I get the urge to scrap a boy! It was fun to change it up a bit and use stars! I have tried to put 'em on the girls pages but never feels right. This started out with a quick page by Jackie eckles, have never used one before. I added my own touches to her awesome starting place and I really like the results. My supply list is HERE.

Sooo since it has been a long time since I did a challenge, I know it is not Monday but, here is my challenge for you all. Either try doing a LO starting with a quick page or page template and see where that goes for you, orrr show me how to use stars on a girl LO! Just post a link to your LO in the comments here I can't wait to see! I miss seeing everyone's work in the galleries since I'm not really computing (hiding while typing slow and lefty again...tsk, tsk, tsk) So whoever does share here it will be a treat for me!

take care and God Bless you all!

My dear sweet Daddy

This was my Dad's father's day gift. he lives a three days drive away from me so I miss him tons and tons! The pictures were from a visit we had when he was here a couple years ago, the title is from a song I used to sing to him as a little girl. Supplies are mostly all from Scrap Artist and can be found HERE. I am so very slow typing left handed only, so that's it for now. Thanks for the prayers and have a great weekend. I say let's all do something that will make someone else feel great this weekend, big or small, just feels so good to bless somebody!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

cooling off

OK this has to be quick because my arms are shaking and I shouldn't be typing at all! just thought I should explain why I have dropped off the face of the earth! between weeding , letting my big camera hang from my right hand for hours, and typing and computing all night I ended up getting a reeeally bad case of tendonitis in my wrist/arm, and the only way I can heal up nice and good is to stay off of my computer and leave my camera down ( pure torture!!!) So for all you praying folks I would really apprieciate your prayers for healing! It will be two weeks on Thursday and it is pretty impossible to not use my right hand with 3 little ones at home. I'll be back when I'm feeling better, and maybe in the meantime I can drop in a photo or two.

the perfect moment

and here is the photo I was talking about if you read my last big post ( also couldn't get this photo to load ) I just love it!!!

Conquering the Jungle!

I couldn't get the photos to load on my last post so here I am conquering my weedy jungle...And little did I know at the time hurting myself.. I'll explain later ( read previous post and next one!)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Friends are good!

Goodmorning peoples ( morning for me anyways) I think it's been cool to hear about why a few of you are thankful. I think we should do it every Friday, just talk about what is good in our lives. It is so very easy to find all the little things that are wrong and I would so much rather take my energy and look at the things that are right! So I hope some of you will join me because it makes me happy to hear. I can't wait for Friday this time though because today I am thankful for friends and family again, feeling totally blessed by both!
Last week my good friend Lisa came to help me "conquer the jungle!" you see we have a crazy overgrowth of weeds and I have yet to learn anything about gardening, she on the other hand is something of a garden expert! So we weeded and transplanted and decided that there are some areas that just need to be killed with round-up and started fresh. So here I am conquering my jungle, heehee thanks to Lisa for capturing this fine moment: ( photo to come...bloggers not working :(

Then I got to spend an evening with my pal Kristie hanging out and munching a banana split fudgsicle from superstore, mmmmmmm! We always spent tons and tons of time together but since both our oldest ones are in grade one and life has been seeming busy I have been really missing this time, so that was a nice get-a-way from the everyday. Then on Thursday My wonderful mother in law ( yep I luv her tons!) who had taken a few days holidays took my little two out with her for a fun afternoon and even picked up Emilea from school, I was able to go do a photo shoot and get some work done here at home in total peace and quiet. I wouldn't want it always so quiet cuz I love kid noise around me, but it was a nice treat for a day. Here is one of my favorite shots from that photo shoot. I know this one doesn't show their faces but it reminds me of moments I had growing up with my mom. She raised me on her own and was amazingly patient and super fun. Sitting together splashing our toes in the water was totally something we would do ( also photo to come when blogger works)

Saturday was cool too, Cam's dad and our good friend Kris were here helping us with some work we are doing around here this summer ( and they both have their own projects on the go that they could have been working on), heavy work ( breaking up and hauling concrete) Then our oldest two girls went for a sleep over with their grandparents and we popped over there for supper so we didn't even have to cook! I am trying to add photos of the concrete fun too but it just doesn't seem to be working right now. Maybe I can edit the post and add all the pictures later.

I hope no one reads the last few posts and thinks " well, La dee DA doesn't she just have the perfect life" cause that is not the case, there are plenty of things I could complain and grumble about just like anyone else , but I chose to look at all the things that reeeeally matter, and what I see is wonderful. Like caring and helpful friends and family. Thanks for the congrats on my new team position, it was a dream for me, and it was an amazing feeling to have that come true.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Be inspired

So I had this wonderful thing happen to me a few weeks back and I really don't think I shared it at all! I got a crazy exciting e-mail from Michelle Coleman over at Scrap Artist ( which , if you do not already know, is one of my favorite designers) telling me how very much she likes my work and asking me if I would want to join the Scrap Artist Creative Team!!!!!!!!! WOW landing my spot at Designer Digitals and now Scrap Artist, what could be better??! This is my About Me team page for over there. It says: always... Create, share, bless, love, be free, care, play,read , laugh, believe, dream, pray, and be... Inspired. To view the supplies Click Here

to view larger click on image

Man I just keep on feeling so very Blessed. And not just in my scrapping life, but in real life too. I have the family I always prayed for and dreamed of, the perfect kind and supportive husband, a good house in a nice safe neighborhood, our parents live close by, we laugh together and play together. My life is good, very good. It makes me happy to look at things this way, looking at why my life is good makes the little glitches seem so little. Tell me something good in your life right now? It feels so great to be thankful, I'd love to know what is good for all of you :)

a Kiss for Gramie

We celebrated my mom's birthday this weekend with a great summer supper outside; corn, and BBQ chicken breasts and potato packs, mmmmm! and strawberry shortcake for mom I just love this little moment between her and Kaiella. We all spent the day outside playing and weeding our crazy weed filled gardens, it was a great Sunday! The flowers are blooming the air is fresh, I love this season!!!