Friday, November 30, 2007


She had an amazing time in Colorado Springs.
Finally loading a few photos. Check out those new teeth!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

reading Season

Winnipeg is covered in a blanket of fresh white snow, with the windchill it is far too cold to frolic outside. But I Love it, this is home! It makes me smile when I step outside and the cold air catches in my lungs the way it did as a kid. It also gets us doing all kinds of indoor family stuff; puzzles galore, games, Hot Chocolate ( the kids have been drinking Ovaltine and think it is just as delightful...I Love that it is super good for them) and of course cuddling up under a blanket for all kinds of reading.

In my own quiet time this past month or so, wonderful holiday reading has re-awakened in me the kind of reading where you just have to keep going and finish the book all in a day or two. The kind where try as you might you cannot put your book down. It had been awhile since I read like till both arms were cramped from holding up the book LOL

Five special stories worth taking time for:

-The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans ( thanks Kristie!)

- The Christmas Promise by Donna VanLiere

-and The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere such a beautiful story and SUCH a tear jerker....this one I have read for a few years in a row and every time it makes me appreciate my life and all that makes me blessed
- The gift by Richard Paul Evans Incredible, touching and inspirational, WOW...this is my most recent read which has me convinced that he is just a truly gifted writer and makes me want another book of his to read right now!

Oh! and Emy brought home The hundred Dresses by Elanor Estes a short book but so so powerful. We were both in tears as it got to our equally tender hearts.

Now I need a new book to get into....any recommendations today?
Do share!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

GO WINNIPEG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Winnipeg Blue Bombers are playing RIGHT NOW in the Grey Cup!

Cam and I were at the eastern semi-final game a couple of weeks ago and had a blast cheering our team on in person. They were down by one point and won with :00 on the clock!!!! whew, I love the close wins... so so exciting! It was extra exciting because it was Cam's first time at a CFL game in real life!!! High school football and Televised games are fine but taking part in the excitement in the air right there air the stadium ........RAWKIN! He loved it:)

The kids around the city all wore blue & gold to school, and Cam ( and plenty of other offices) to work, on Thursday and Friday just to cheer our guys on.

So since no one really cares what I wear to work ( here at home) this is my shout out

GO BOMBERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note: I'll be back here and over at CK blogging again soon, it has been awhile. Tiara and I just got home from a trip out to Colorado Springs and were both hit hard with a wild crazy flu, I am finally starting to feel like myself again today

ETA: congrats to all you SK Rough Riders fans on the Grey Cup win!!! :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

working hard for Cs

I can remember back in school realizing how blessed I was with almost effortless smarts in some areas. I could pick up anything to do with music, English and sciences, and with very little effort I could pull off straight As. Then I had good friends who worked SUPER hard in the same subjects for Cs and for them it was a total accomplishment to pass with that hard earned C.

We all have our areas of strength, it makes life well rounded and beautiful.

I have been getting quite a few emails from gals who are frustrated with themselves creatively and I just thought that you might like to know how it is for me with scrapbooking. Because I always picture my friend Ali puts out like 4 or 5 things on her scrap table and with her easy "embrace imperfection" attitude whips off a new masterpiece in under 5 minutes before settling in for a fresh cup of coffee. LOL! So if anyone out there is looking through a scrap magazine and feeling discouraged at the effort it takes them for what feels like "cs" or thinking that they are the only ones who have to work hard for what they make, think again. I Just thought maybe I should tell you something about me; Art has always been my passion- and the way that I could bring together everything I loved creating made scrapbooking a natural perfect fit for me. But that only means I LOVE everything about it. It doesn't for one second mean that it just falls into place like my effortless As back in school. Or like my vision of Ali's 5 minute masterpieces :) Scrapbooking has always been for me something I work really hard for. It takes a whole bunch of thinking and heart and time to make it all "work" on the page the way I see it in my mind. Of course there are times that things flow easier than others and those good flowing times are a delight. But most often I am working hard for Cs. It's not good, not bad, it is just fine... just who I am. And y'know what? I am good with that.

The thing is, I love details and telling stories and I seriously enjoy the puzzle of making it all work together on a page. I make what I make so that my beautiful girls will have the stories of their lives, so that they will know how special they are and so that in every detail they will always know how very much I love them. That means that it is always worth my time :)

Challenges make us better when we allow them to make us try harder. Be patient with yourself, you are just perfectly you wherever you are at and whatever your strengths are. I hope you can remember why you create and Love yourself for doing something wonderful :)