Saturday, September 27, 2008

Class Page Peeks

I had a great night here in Parksville, meeting everyone and getting a bit messy with our make'n'takes to kick off the weekend, Whoo hoo for messy paint and a great bunch of creative Canadians!!!
Tomorrow's class is called "Bringing the story Home", we are going to be doing 4 new layouts that will tell 4 important stories and we'll be learning some super cool Art tricks along the way. Art mediums, paint, text transfers, and some cool design ideas that give a creative "home" to our photos and journaling. Here is a little sneak peek at 3 of our pages for tomorrows classes!

good night sleep tight :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pacific Feet

I am Out in Parksville BC, on Vancouver island this week, teaching with Donna Downey, and Kah-Mei Smith at the 2 year anniversary event for Scrapbookin' adventures. I am so looking forward to meeting all of you who have emailed me, and for that matter all of you who haven't LOL.

Donna and I went walking this morning on the bottom of the ocean while the tide was WAY out ( well...she is RAD and went for a run, I just happily poked around finding treasures) . Seriously the bottom of the OCEAN!!!

Here are a few pictures, as promised, for my girls. Some of the things I found to show you guys. The seaweeds were cool, but sorry girls, just too slimy to bring home in my pocket this time ;) miss you xoSuch a cool little adventure to start the day...I got so wet that I finally gave up and abandoned my footwear all together. It's way more fun with sand in your toes anyways :)
Oh, and It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen, being a girl from nowhere near oceans, I was super amazed to come back to my room later this afternoon and look out the window to find the water all back in and right up to the shore. I know I sound clueless, but dude!... it was all ripply sand, seaweed and shells for as far as the eye could see only a few hours before!
Kewl Beans.
Had a great lunch with these gals and I am off to get ready for some good creative sharing tonight. Just wanted to pop in and say hello, ramble about my amazement re:tides coming in and out, and leave a few pics for my kiddos. I will be pretty busy here this week but I am sure that I'll have all kinds of photos to share when I get home as well as the product winners to draw!!! Thanks so much to everyone for the AMAZING support you have all left for me in the comments from my last couple of posts.
see ya for now

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gallery links

Anyone who has posted a layout with my new goodies and wants to be entered in my kick-off party draw. please leave me a link right here!


Some pretty fun news! It has been over 2 years of lovely sweet requests for me to sell my designs.
I make my own things for my paper layouts ( anyone who has had classes with me or hung out and scrapped with me knows how very true this is) and I have made a lot of my own goodies for digi/hybrid pages too, but the thought of making it "good enough" to sell and finding the time to package it all up etc. just made me shake in my polka-dot socks LOL!
In the last 6 months or so I have finally been feeling ready to just go for it, to stop saying "nah" and start sharing my's been stirring my friends. Seriously.

Soooooo, when my friend Michelle asked me to be a guest designer at the Little Dreamer Shoppe I decided that the time had come at last to finally say "YES!"

So here it is folks, the official launch of Chickie-D Art :)
Time for a virtual Kick off party! please make yourself at home, and help yourself to a few little party snacks I have put out for you here ;)
The decorations are lovingly hung below...
and I have lots more in the works....

check out my little corner of the shoppe Now for a little more kick off party fun!!!I wanna give some more goodies away :)

3 ways to win
1.Leave me a comment here on this post and let me know what you think, or for that matter just say hello and tell me something good about your day! I will randomly draw 5 names from the comments who will receive a free kit of their choice

2. We will randomly pull 5 names from everyone who purchases any of my new products in the next week to win 2 free packs of their choice!

3. Scrap with some of my new goodies and post it in whichever galleries you post your scraps. Then leave me links on this post to be entered in a random draw for everything that you see above!!! ($30 value)

Whoo Hooo!!!!
for happy fun
Come out and play with me
Thanks for coming to the party and have a FAB Tuesday my friends!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

back to school

Back to school after an amazing summer.
It is always bittersweet for me, sending the girls to school in September. I Love having them home with me and I just want to keep them here, but I am so proud of them and it is great to see them growing into such wonderful people.

Emy has this thing for school uniforms, she is so adorable, and thinks it would be just dreamy to have to go to boarding school. LOL. So I totally indulged her and let her dress as very much "school girl" as she possibly could come up with. She pulled it off fabulously and was such a doll in her little outfit :)

Tiara, starting grade one, being gone all day, EVERYDAY.
I have so many feelings about this. Not the usual mom letting go kind of feelings, well maybe a few tiny ones, but more of the worry over a child with severe sensory issues and so many anxieties being able to handle the intensity of a full week at school kind of worries. A full week of noise and busyness and GETTING DRESSED properly in clothes that are not half of a pair of P.jammies. She needs/thrives on routine so I think that once she settles in it will be a great thing to have every day the same, but I worry about the the rocky road that I know we will have to get past first.

And of course we have the wee one...I can't even believe that my littlest baby is starting preschool this year. WOW times change so fast. The thing I love about having a blog is the record that it keeps, and how I can look back at what was going on a year or two ago. Check out these little people just two years ago!
That was Tiara's first morning of preschool and little Bella was such a baby still. She really is thrilled to feel like one of the "big girls" and is going to have such a great time making her own little friends and her own little crafts etc.

The girls were super excited about these lunch "purses" they got this year. Aren't they great?! I want one;)
And Tiara is proudly holding up her one little finger to stand for Grade One.

GO my girls, and grow even more amazing!!!

Happy September,CD

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Awesome camping....hard core true north style, nestled in forest in a big ol' tent with no electricity and all of our cooking on the fire kind of camping. so so RAWKIN!!!

It was the perfect time together, truly priceless, and such a great way to finish up our busy summer! We had great weather and didn't miss modern technology for one second...well maybe one teeny tiny second when I wanted boiled water faster than the fire could do it, but that's it. And patience is good for us all, even when it only concerns boiling water :)

Cam and I were big time campers when we were younger and even when Emy was a wee one, but then once Tia came along with all of her sensitivities it just wasn't such a great plan...we sure have missed it though, and as much as I want to bottle up these little people and keep them small forever, it was pretty awesome to do "bigger" non-baby things with them all.

There is way too much to tell so,
In a nutshell ....

-Emy had a friend out for a few nights which was probably one of the highlights of her summer.
-The kids went on a bug hunting expedition armed ith a big pink net, and caught all kinds of different grasshoppers , crickets, and other bug friends in the ladybug care homes that they made last year.

-We went for super FAB ice cream
-sat around the fire often playing games and roasting marshies. Or like these guys just getting in lots of cuddles and together happy bonding time.-Cooked up some good crunchy fresh Manitoba corn YUM! and our signature perogies and bacon fire cooked pack of goodness. -Went for a "sounds of the night" hike and learned about the differentnt annimals who live and hunt in the forest at night>>>so COOOOL!
-We went on a history hike to an old homestead built by pioneers and learned about them
-rode bikes, read books, and enjoyed the slower pace

-had a day at the beach. Well, technically at the beach... I think we spent more time, as you saw in the previous post, ankle deep in the slimy swamp around the corner catching frogs and finding shells.The kids ended up with their beloved "Rose, Toad-a, Jackson, and Green" and spent hours playing with them in the water and building a little habitat for their new froggy friends from water, sand, and leaves.
Even Bear was thrilled to finally be able to come along on a family vacation and had a wonderful time spending his days outside with us all and keeping us warm in the tent at night.

Monday, September 01, 2008

a sticky situation

Well, normally I am the girl who is unafraid to get in there and get her hands dirty...normally. Today was a little different, today I had to also be unafraid to get my feet dirty! To sink right into a slimy muddy swamp up to my ankles while it smooshed and sunk underneath me, and I tried to shove out of my mind the possibility of LEECHES living in it ( one of my life long fears) , all in the spirit of good outdoor summer fun. OK and to be the super hero mom, who is really awesomely cool, and catches frogs to make the kids super duper happy. The kids who will always remember my incredibly cool awesomeness and consider me a big super hero for the rest of their lives.......right?

Sooooo. I shut my eyes for a minute as the first foot sunk in and I shrugged off the cringe that was growing inside me in exchange for channelling my inner tomboy from the days of old when messy gross activities like his would have been totally up my ally. How is it that as I get older I get boring and lame, and grow out of a love for sinking into slimy sticky warm gooey mud????

It was all well worth it and ended up being great fun. Here we are with our triumphant bucket of shells, after trying to wipe most of the slop off.
We are having a great time with the kids.

Gone camping and spending some QT together before the school year starts up again.I got a signal here at the campground store today and so I was able to check a few emails and send a few while my people were napping. I will write more when we get home but I just
HAD to pop in for a little hello and an update on our summer fun

Happy day to you!!!