Saturday, February 10, 2007

our good friend

A big happy welcome to our good old friend Bear!!! I love this big guy so very much. We adopted Bear from the animal shelter when he was just under a year old. There has always been a beautiful peaceful spirit behind those big brown eyes. Then Tiara was born premature and Bear, being almost 2 and a half was still such a pup and SO big. We had to make the tough choice to give him up, two babies with lots of needs was just too much. We were so happy when our good friend Kimber took him in and Bear became a very important part of her family. Now almost 5 years later Kimber is moving and for the moment has no place for this sweet boy. So we are dog-sitting for awhile!!! He is just a delight, and has been really good for Tiara , the other girls just adore having him here too, but the effect he has had on her day today was pretty special. We had a fun family day welcoming our pal Bear. We even all went outside a few times with him for a big run in the back field although it has been about -43c! ( my calculator says that is -45 F) So funny a few people were asking me when we were in California, how we even go outside in weather like that LOL! I kept telling them, it's OK, just our eyes are uncovered. So I took a couple of pics today to share the bundle :)

this is how we do it! lots of happy fun


Laura said...

oh my goodness!!! too funny!!!! we in florida don't know much about that!!! all i can think of is the movie A Christmas Story. . ."I can't put my armmmms down!!!" Stay warm!!!

Sherri P said...

Living in PA for the last 10 years, I've gotten used to people here complaining about the winter, the cold, and the 1 week of snow that sticks around! My Mom said it got up to -21 C yesterday in The Peg! I love telling that to my friends here, to remind them they have NOTHING to complain about! Your daughters' pics bring back delightful childhood memories of our winter uniforms!! Thanks for sharing CD!

Candy said...

What a gorgeous doggie! Love your blog.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

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