Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today as I have spent the day creating I am thankful

thankful that I grew up as an only child
and my mom wouldn't get TV

thankful because it forced to truly use my imagination...truly

Today I am thankful that I didn't grow up wealthy, that I didn't have every toy and every cool gadget out there.
it made me grateful,
it made me look a the things in my world,
I made A LOT out of toilet paper rolls, and styrofoam trays
for that I am immensely thankful

because it made me see creativity in my world....truly

my story makes me who I am today
the things that may have seemed like missing out to some kids made me truly rich
rich in the ways that matter.....truly

Today as I have spent the day creating I am thankful...truly

thankful for this life of mine
a life of imagination, creativity and true riches.


ScrapFairy said...

I am so glad to see you are back. Man I wish sometimes I didn't love tv so much. But it would be so hard for me to give. LOL

kat78 said...

Glad you are back!!! (;

You speak from my heart - when I was a child, we had a tv, but up to 10yrs I was only allowed to watch a 5 min show called "das Sandmännchen" - the little sandman telling a small good-night story and spreading sand over the kids so they could sleep good! (;
And on Sunday mornings "Die Sendung mit der Maus" (which can be translated as: The show with the mouse) a really never-ever violent kids series with little painted and animated stories, songs and "how ... is made"-stories. I still like watch this show because you can always learn things and it's not like "Teletubbies", and these squeaking loud, overcoloured comics in "kids tv"!

Today I still watch 50% less tv then my boyfriend - who grew up having dinner in front of the tv......bad habit!

Thanks for reminding me of this part of my childhood! (;

Sonja said...


Victoria said...

I am so happy you are back . . . truly.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I love this!
It's so true, and a good reminder for us as parents. I think sometimes we all worry that we aren't giving our kids enough and yet the best gift they can ever have is a big imagination. :)

Angi Smith said...

I am SO HAPPY to see you post! I have worried about you for weeks and weeks. I know I never commented much, but I looked forward to every post and your work is some of the most beautiful I have seen. Please post your work more often. Pretty please?

inara said...

glad you're back! I think we grew up similarly. And I don't watch tv either!!!! I would much rather read. I do love movies though!

Michelle Filo said...

gorgeous text, I can relate :) (except being an only child)

Kelli said...

Glad to see you are back! I was worried about you!

What a beautiful poem! Amazing how our perspective changes when we focus on what we have and not on what we don't. Thanks for reminding me!

How was Europe?
Kelli in OK

Susan Beth said...

Today I am thankful that you posted this because I have an only child who is growing up similarly to you, and it is sometimes a struggle to remember that the reward of these choices is yet to come.

I am also thankful because you were at inspired and smiled and were warm and friendly to everyone - no surprise about those things, just something to be thankful for.

And I was so surprised that you remembered me from CHA Winter 07. You're a positivie influence wherever you go, and that is so worth being thankful for!

Thank you!

mel said...

that is just awesome!!! it has gotta make your mom feel great too! :) Just hearing you say all of that, as adult now, makes me rethink and want to reprioritize for my own family. thank you for sharing and glad to see you back!!

red smartie said...

Hey Sweetie!

Miss you already. I'm exhausted. Much to old to stay up all night!!! It was WONDERFUL meeting you. I can't wait to hang out with you again...soon!!! Hope your flight home went well and you got some sleep on the plane.

muah to the little sweeties.

the red smartie

Rawker2 said...

you ROCK. you are who you are because of your past experiences! isn't He amazing how He molds and is always GOOD??

Sara Ancich said...

I am thankful you are back...and was starting to wonder?

What a refreshing post and picture of you, I might add!

scrapnic72 said...

This is a beautiful and affirming post today, CD. You have put into words what I am thankful for from my own childhood and what I am constantly trying to achieve in the lives of my own children....thanks for the inpspiration.


joscelyne cutchens said...

it is so good to see you back! :) I'm glad you grew up to be you, because you inspire me! :)

JeanetteS said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you as Inspired. The event still has me on a creative high.

I hope to cross paths with you again one day soon.

Jeanette :)

scrapwordsmom said...

Glad you are back, CD!! Love your post. I was an only child, too. While I had TV my Mom made me use my imagination. I am truly grateful for that, too!!!

Katie said...

Hey C.D.,

It was such a joy meeting you at INSPIRED. I since have been checking out your blog. Your girls are totally gorgeous. I was so blessed to meet you and learn of your sweet and humble spirit!

Keep in touch!!

Katie Lee

Katrina said...

I was surprised to read that you are thankful for being an only child. We have only been blessed with one child and pray for more. I was wondering what it is about being an only child that you cherish so much so I can be the best mom to my daughter. We do not have a TV as well and I think that gives you more time for family things and doing things together.


Brittany B. said...

Love this!!

ashlee said...

beautiful sentiments! thats what I hope my kids say when they are grown

Anonymous said...

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