Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy CANADA day!!! ( AKA:happy anniversary)

...and what a day it was!
It was Beaches, bonfires and bar-B-Qs for us!!!!
Yeppers, I typed an 'es' at the end of beach LOL.
We went to more than one beach... enjoyed some Frisbee out in the water, Tia collected tiny shells, we all had some good drippy watermelon and strawberries and just as things were getting fun some crazy fast moving dark storm clouds rolled in on us and brought with them one of the famous Canada day storms I remember almost every year since I was a little girl celebrating out in Lac Du Bonnet. So with sand whipping at our faces we packed up in a hurry and made the drive down the highway towards home, but By the time we were getting close to the city it was sunshiny and beautiful out once again so we pulled in to beach #2 for some more happy fun. We built the Muckosky family castle of dreams splashed around some more and had an all around great time!!! Then to finish the day up just right Cam and I took the girls over to Nanny and Gigi's for a few hours of bonfire fun while we went out for a FAB anniversary dinner. Sun , fun, food and family...couldn't be a better way to celebrate the years together.

Love you Cam thanks with all of my heart for so many years of perfect friendship and amazing stand-by-me Love. I am so thankful for all that you do for us girls every day. Happy Anniversary ;)