Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painting Freedom

As I prepare my MASSIVE piece of original art that will go up outside of my Inspired classroom, I figured it may be fun to share some shots of the process, as I go along! The piece is going to be made up of a grouping of four 12x18 canvases, and I really didn't start out with Any idea of where this painting would go. I Love that. Love just following my instincts and letting the painting kind of unfold as I go along...it's so cool to see where it ends up. At this point I am still not finished, I do know what I will write on here and sort of the direction it is taking, but the rest will unfold over the next day or so! Anyways, here how it goes.....

A good start with a few colors of paint in carefree strokes across the canvases

A few drips added with watercolors; still working mostly on the left side of the piece for now

More drips with paint and some with just a juicy brush full of water

Totally Embracing the joy of happily created mess in my fingers!
I'm washable, tis cool More drips and splats for building background depth

Starting to work over on the Right side of the piece as well, and add some of the first patterns with spray ink

Painting Airy white birds flying across the canvases, and some more pattern with paint and gesso

Working on the words;
Layered in watercolor first- 3 different colors, Then Pencil crayons in 3 colors with white highlights for depth...
Continuing on with the words, adding India ink bits and splotches, sewing patterns, and an more depth and texture bits that it seems to need.
I'll keep going from here and see how the other side of the piece unfolds; thinking of drawing an open bird cage since this piece is all about freedom. I'll share the finished work after Inspired is over.
I am leaving on a Jet plane in the morning and SO excited for the coming days. I know they will be filed with wonderful people , growth and creative exploration!
Be free my friends!


Mireille said...

oh my goodness woman.. this is heaven =D

Gabi said...

This is going to be a stunning piece of art, CD!
You use my most favorite color! :)
You are amazing artist! thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Anonymous said...

bee yoou ti full!! This just makes me want to get my hands on some paint. so inspiring. thanks for sharing it!

Jordan said...

I stumbled upon your blog...but I felt compelled to say this is a very nice piece! I will check back later and hopefully see a finished version ;DDDDDDD

Eryn said...

wow this is stunning CD!! You are amazing and I can't wait to see it finished! Have fun at Inspired!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to see the finished piece!! I'm sure it's going to be stunning as always :)


Katie said...

I love watching your work in progress!!!!! So inspiring CD!! You never cease to amaze me!!

Elizabeth said...

A very happy little bird named Trina has told me how very much she loved your class at Inspired!! I hope that someday I am lucky enougth to take a class with you!! Love this piece of Pieces - cant wait to see the whole thing!!!

Carmen said...

Wowza!!! Holy Gorgeousness!!!

MAPY said...

J'adore, merci pour cette démonstration. MAPY