Saturday, December 08, 2007


I had an amazing Birthday yesterday.

Having a birthday with little children who love you so much is the best feeling on earth. They treated it like a national holiday and made me feel like a Queen....everyone did actually. The people in my life are the greatest gift I could ever ask for, truly.

It started when my good friend Kristie took me out to a lovely little french restaurant for birthday breakfast; the perfect way to start the day. It was nearby Cam's work so he was able to spend that time having fun with the little ones while Kristie and I got to turn off our mommy eyes and ears and just had a lovely time on our own. This year from my grandparents in Ontario I got White Christmas. I grew up watching awesome old musicals with my Gramie and I still just LOVE them to bits! Once I picked up everyone from school the girls and I cuddled up and watched it together. It is so cool to share that with the girls. when Emy asked me "mama who is the bad guy?" and I answered honestly "there is none!" I realised just exactly why I love those old movies. Entertainment sure has changed over the years.
Cam took me out for a wonderful evening while the kids partied it up with his mom and dad ( thanks so much guys!) and we had such a great time. I also have had a couple of really parties this week with both Cam's and my family and they have all made me feel so very special.

Feeling truly thankful this year for such a great group of people who love me and take the time to show it so very well.