Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tia's gift

My little Tiara was so secretive this week as she rustled around with bags, paper and tape in our dining room. I thought it was cute that she would not let me come in, but I had no idea she was working so hard on a Birthday present for me right from her dear little heart.
So so sweet.

A few years ago we gave each of the girls a 100 picture photo album with pictures that we thought would matter to them; with friends, sisters, themselves, adventures...etc.
Tiara calls it her "scrapbook" and carries it around ALL the time telling us about the photos and sharing her little stories,or just re-arranging things and smiling at her own memories.
So when I opened this adorably wrapped little package and found my own personal "scrapbook" made with lots of tape and Ziploc bags, and filled with her most cherished photos taken right out of her book, I knew that she had given me a little piece of her heart, and she was so very pleased at my teary

just wanted to post this while I remember clearly so I can look back and smile all over again :)