Saturday, January 19, 2008

off and running!

or should I say climbing, kicking, creating....etc.

We took a very well needed break from extra-curriculars this fall.
When it was time to sign up for dance and gymnastics, music and whichever lessons the girls would be taking...we just didn't.

I took a travel break after teaching in France and we all just enjoyed a little bit of a slower more solid schedule for a bit.
It was great for helping Tiara to settle in to 3 full days of kindergarten and Emilea and I fit in a lot of great reading and good time together.
Little Kaiella just goes with it no matter what we do, so she has been happy as pie no matter what we are doing or not doing.

The breather was good for them, good for us, just the best thing to do for everyone.
And now we are ready to jump in again and get some more going on.
All of the girls are taking swimming; amazing to see Tia doing so well in the water and it just makes me grin to watch Emy ( she's awesome! has always been a real little fish)
Emy is taking rock climbing and LOVING it!!! She LOVES climbing everything in sight, so this is really her thing. She is doing a cooking class too. It is neat having a girl who is getting a little bit bigger and doing some bigger girl kind of things, so much fun!
Tiara has started indoor soccer, Kaiella tried but felt "too little" for now so she colors her little pony book on the side lines ( hee hee, little sweet one)
and the two little ones are doing an Art class together.

Cam and I are quite enjoying watching them all, for us seeing them having fun and being really happy, makes us so so happy. But everyone needs a bit of activity so we are taking care of that for ourselves too. Cam is truly passionate about hockey so we have made sure he is on a team playing for the past couple of winters and I am trying to get back to working out at home at least 3 times a week. It always feels good to be moving.

I have been booking travel again, and classes all over the world for 2008 it will be great fun.
I am excited for the new adventures to come for our family.
It is feeling like the start of a new year filled with the promise of good things for us all.

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes for Tia she feels so special, and for all of the nice comments on her cake!
have a great weekend


Sara Ancich said...

Thanks, CD, for your thorough response to my camera questions. I have been looking on ebay ever since!

Good for you for slowing down with your girls. We limit our kids to one activity at a time- but even that is too much at times.

Super cool rock-climbing picture- WOW! Brave girl!

Rawker2 said...

Love the climbing pic!!! Good to take a break and change the pace of things!

inara said...

I took my students (all girls) rock climbing last year and it was so good for their confidence and of course they had a blast!

Anonymous said...

where will you be teaching this year...I hope it is somewhere near me. Also, will you be at to see you. Stop by the Krafters purse/stoncreek creations booth...I will be there.

Kim Bolyard

ellee said...

Your little girls are wonderful!!! Compliments! ^-^

Anonymous said...

where are you teaching this year?

Helle said...

And now I am rushing in here as well to say; YEEEAH! Cant wait to see you.
Forgot to say in my mail: thanks for the nice comments in my blog!
Love, Helle.
Oh, and happy b-day to your big, little girl!

Michele said...

Wow. What a beautiful blog! We've taken breaks from activities now and then and I always find it brings more creativity in the end.

Denise said...

My dd has taken a break since her brother was born (he's now 16!) and we're just getting back into the extracurriculars...given the choice between going back to ballet and trying gymnastics or horseback riding, she chose riding. Yay!

Alparslan said...

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