Tuesday, May 12, 2009

little flood helper

One of the things about living in Manitoba in the spring is that every couple of years there is some pretty crazy flooding for a lot of folks, and we all try to come together and make things a little bit better for those who need help. I Love that about Manitobans, I Love seeing the community spirit that I grew up with growing in my own children. This year happened to be some of the worst flooding we have gotten for years, people have been working together to help sandbag the homes which have been evacuated and so many people have lost much of their belongings to flood waters. It's so sad. So Bella and I spent a day out past Lockport helping some people to load their things out to safety, she was a great little helper and we took plenty of time to play together in the mud and water too. these are the kind of days I Love most...the kind of memories that you never forget. we were both suited up and totally right in there....
Check out these fabulous little hands full of nature's best paint!!!

She took a few slides right into the slippery mud and thought that was hilarious!Even found a fabulous and furry new little friend named "Diamond Rose Petal"and we did some very yummy baking too ;)
chocolate cream pie or a milkshake anyone?!

I am hoping to get some time with the bigger girls on the weekends when they are out of school to do some more of the same, helping out people who so desperately need to get high and dry, and having a great great time doing it :)
Feeling Thankful today for good hearted people, God's cool creations, and awesome exploring!!!


Kelli said...

Great photos!

*reyanna klein* said...

This is so great, CD! It's so nice to know that there are people out there like you... and Bella... willing to help. :) I really enjoyed this post. :)