Wednesday, July 15, 2009

in the moment

Another page from my 8x8 "Grow" journal. It's been far too long since I shared anything art journalie. This one is has layers of paint, molding paste, and tape underneath ( see the dots and the textures?)
then it is topped with burlap and wood patterned mac tac, and some stamp and doodley bits.
I made this one out of the desire to express how I want to live my life "Being in the moment and Living right here and now"
I don't ever want to be too caught up in my own silliness to see the beauty around me. My life is truly a gift in so many different ways. I know this 100%...
That doesn't mean I am always good at putting aside all of the curve balls and savoring the moment, no siree, but hopefully this little page will serve as a good reminder and I will keep on trying my best :)

Today I will:
-leave my camera at home when we go for a walk so that I can giggle and jump and play with the girls,
-I will take time to observe the people I Love and appreciate what makes them each special,
-and I will make the choice to be patient and at peace in long lineups or traffic Jams or whatever comes my way...perhaps I will even play eye spy instead of getting ticked off.
That's the plan!!!

How are you making the choice to be living in the moment right now today?