Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zoo day

We spent the day at the zoo today with a couple of gals that we happen to adore...such a great way to spend one of the warmer summer days we have gotten so far, and the first time we have been to the Zoo this year. I Love watching the girls get excited about the same things I can remember loving as a little girl...those adorable crazy monkeys, the pink flamingos, and then there is just something about those big bears that always grabs every kid as they arrive for their zoo adventure!
Tiara was our vigilant map reader, Emy was our FAB peacock caller, and little Bella looked adorable in her carefully chosen "zoo clothes" ( AKA: a flowered dress, polk-a-dot tights, sparkly pink dress shoes and a safari hat LOL...I wish I was 4)
The Monkeys always have been and probably always will be my personal zoo fave...they're SO funny
...and this rare species of Monkey is pretty funny too, I have to say ;)
We had such a great time just doing the day at our own pace, which is sometimes so much better than the scheduled guided field trips. Was nice just to stop and sit in the grass for a picnic when we wanted to and stroll along as we pleased.

I completely adore this little moment; the warm end of day sun, the way Emy is holding her cute little foot and the gentle way that she stops to help her little sister to fill her water bottle at the fountain. She is such a sweet Big sister

I Love signs like this...they make me want to leave the walkwayExcept for dudes like this guy with the crazy hair to scare me into staying on the straight and narrow! The kids got a real kick out of him staring down at us with all of his unique and funky flaireveryone took turns hatching out of big dino eggs and huddling inside of giant trees in the barn to finish the day. It was so super Rawkin' fantastic!
HUGE thanks to Julie and Jodi for spending the day with us girls and making it 100 times better just by being who you are!!!


Joanie said...

SUch beautiful photos! Your words give so much meaning and feeling...I'm gonna enjoy visiting your blog every morning!!!

Carly said...

I love your blog! I just found you through Kenner Road. I just started scrapbooking which is why I haven't seen your work before but I have to say it is so inspiring! And is that the Winnipeg Zoo?? I'm originaly from the Peg and that looks like the zoo. Oh I miss that zoo! I will definitely be putting your blog in my reader! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...