Monday, October 12, 2009

crazy times

A feature wall and a new pocket door all going in at once thanks to my incredible in-laws

It is one of those crazy times in life where you know you will look back and chuckle and say "
man, that was CRAAAZEEY!"
We have boxes packed up to store until we get to the next house, we have rooms pushed to the middle to receive some pretty paint, we have a bathroom half ripped apart because it is getting a makeover, and family popping in and out to help with the crazies...EVERY spare minute of EVERY day we are doing this thang and OMGoodness we are exhausted! if I even let myself begin to tell you how exhausted we may actually possibly be, then I would be admitting it and might stop long enough to actually realize it and run the risk of slowing down...we DO NOT HAVE TIME for slowing down so I am admitting NOTHING! What I am going to tell you is that I am Loving the bits as it gets finished around here, I have to do the multiple walk bys and to catch a few happy glances just so I can feel all happy and good about it before I go back to whichever Rubbermaid bin I might be packing up.
It's all coming together and that RAWKS!!!