Tuesday, October 06, 2009


that is the sound of my life zooming.....whooooosh, see there it goes again!
So. I am realizing this morning that I very rarely update my blog and am being a total blog slacker lately as I scroll down my neglected blog and through my recent facebook updates ( when I actually take a minute to update either) that I MUST be busy!
A sure sign is the lack of kid/life photos being shared...it is obvious that my life as of lately is not being lived with a camera in hand as it so often is. Don't get the wrong idea I'm not actually mad wild paparazzi, well Ok maybe a bit, but I usually do pick up my camera once or twice a day and capture a little slice of life around here. Instead I have been painting, and tearing out old trim, and giving away things I am not using often enough, doing some guest art here and there and then squishing and hugging and loving little girls, and it starts all over the next day...
I know, I know, everyone's life is busy, but me, I like a little but more of a chilled out pace, I am a chilled out kinda gal.
Even though I do know that my silly chilly way of life will grace me with it's presence again before we know it I am going to pretend just for today that all is chills-ville and just to make me happy here is a random selection of photos from the last couple of months....Lots of Tia because she loves the camera and just a few of our other girlies because they are far too busy enjoying the fall to stop for me to grab pictures of them!

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Gabi said...

Your girls are so beautiful, CD! And I LOVE that photo of you and your hubby!
I'm thinking of you and wishing you all this new adventure with moving will be over for you soon.