Friday, November 13, 2009

More Fun with Hamby

My Natural Beauty; Tiara... this kid has that extra sparkle that just comes right from her heart. This page has flowers made from my pencil sharpenings, and visual "flow" directed with strips of torn fabric and the awesome little hambly kraft sticker strips. This background was just the perfect amount of silver dandilions to give me plenty of room for doodly writing and showing off Tia's sweet face while still leaving me the white space I like to have so my eyes can rest......too much info from my design brain there probably but that's how it goes!

Created on the Hambly Kraft paper with silver dandilions, little transparent flowers made from overlays cut up, and lots of the cute hambly stickers on here

"I Love My Life" using hambly background papers and all sorts of Kraft cardstock stickers and bits, and of course a bunch of messy happy paint!

These are my Button flowers made from Kraft journaling spots

And my journaling surrounded with all of the lovely bits!


Katey said...

super creative and artsy! love it

Jessica said...

Your pages always make me wish I were a paper scrapper. I love all the texture and dimension! :)

Jen said...

Loooooooove your pages so much! You are amazing!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I'm so glad you're posting again. I love all your art so very much. It's inspired me to do so many things I wouldn't have otherwise. Please post more!!! Please :-)

Lilith said...

did anyone already said that you ROOOOCKed!?