Monday, November 23, 2009

New goodies

I managed to find a few spare minutes this week to get some new packs of goodies up, and re-release a happy little holiday pack in My store. Just in time for some good Christmassy creating!

We are still going a hundred miles an hour here as we continue packing and preparing for our move coming up, man, a family of 5 can seriously accumulate too much "stuff" living in the same place for 6 years and having unexpected career developments, a little one with some super sensory/anxiety troubles, and just the ins and outs and adventures of "Life" to stand in the way of regular organizing and purging.
I Love that the end of this adventure means a fresh new beginning for us in a beautiful happy yellow house, and a lot of better solutions for keeping things simplified and in order, but I do have to admit that the journey is definitely wearing on us at the moment. Like Dory the fish says " Just keep swimming..."
Got to keep on keeping on for now!!!
( said with fist pump and as much positive "Go Go" energy as I have in me)



Gabi said...

All this craziness will be definitely worth it once you will sit on a porch of your new house and enjoy a cup of tea.

You are almost there!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE your new goodies (especially that alpha!) I'm so glad that you found time to create even in the midst of the craziness. :) Your "beautiful happy yellow house" sounds wonderful.

p.s. now I have Dory stuck in my brain ;)

Becky Pipes said...

I agree - you have to have the crazies sometimes to enjoy the restful days. It will be sooo good! I hope your holidays are just joyful!!

*reyanna klein* said...

OH, I know how THAT goes. We just moved as well. Are you all moved now? We moved two months ago today. We're pretty much all moved in now. There are still a few boxes in the garage. And we have boxes and boxes full of mail that piled up. LOL. It's a good thing we pay our bills online... ;-)

Just a few days ago, I finished unpacking my scrap room (though 1/2 my punches, most of my ribbon and all my stamp pads and deco scissors are still at the old place...), and it feels SO good now! Finally like I'm moved in. LOL. To celebrate, I did two pages. Gosh, I missed creating!

Hope you're all settled in soon! I'd love to see photos of your new house! :-)

Jenn said...

I'm glad you are finally in your happy yellow house. :)
I'm interested to talk with you about your experience with sensory/anxiety issues - I've got a little one in a similar boat.