Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The bunch In my mirror

Living out of town means when we want to go pretty much anywhere we are bound to be taking a long long ride in the car. But I truly have to say that our time in the car has become something I totally cherish; Great conversations, good laughs and secrets shared. It is time that I know I will look back on fondly. Sooo here is my view of the backseat on a typical drive...
We have the little two, happy little posers smiling and often making eyes at me, usually chattering about some adventure their little ponies went on earlier in the day or giggling like mad while one of them hams it up just to get the laughs (usually Tiara)  
Then we have Emy the dreamer...She shares in the goofys of her little sisters for a bit but then  If she is not sharing her deepest heart with us she is gazing out the window often grinning her soft little smile as her mind goes to fairytale places, suddenly popping up after awhile and sharing with us what she is dreaming up for her next story.
 Eventually all 3 find their own worlds and thoughts to get lost in, although a good amount of time is still leaning on each other and giggling (or sometimes fighting), and telling me and Cam their latest plans and best stories, at some point everyone does find a daydream to get carried away to.
 and then Tiara is the one to report any problems that are found there in back seat world, her little sister just going with the flow and giggling away..Tiara is our police officer keeping everyone in check...there is one in every kiddo bunch right?
And of course like any good long drive it usually ends like this; SLEEP
it's a blurry imperfect picture but it captures the little sweeties that we carry in, surprised that they still fall asleep and carefully trying to get them tucked into beds without waking them up
It can get crazy and loud, it can be a wild bunch of tattling and upset hearts, it can get long...but I cherish these drives. I do. It is mine, all of it, chaos and bliss magically mixed into happy pudding. They are each so amazing, my bunch, and these long drives give us all the undivided time together that we could need to know that without a doubt!

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Christina Carnoy said...

Very sweet! I hope to see more of your projects soon too!