Friday, June 17, 2011

Tubby Magic

Right there in her "princess tub" she descends to the depths of the ocean where she has a chat with an octopus and rides a seahorse all the way to her meeting with a good friend in mermaid country.
And lucky for me I just happened to overhear the magic happening in my bathroom! it is this incredible 6 year old world of imagination that fills my days with sparkly moments I wouldn't pass up for anything!
 It is the mind of a child I hope to always manage to cling to, I hope to see the world through such a whimsical perspective,
there really is wonder around every corner when we stop being busy grown-ups and simply skip along ready to embrace it all!
I am so so very privileged to be able to capture these perfectly delightful little journeys as my girls go about their make believe adventures.
 Treasure, perfect
delightful simple treasure...every last little moment of it!


Mandy McK said...

Hi C.D. Lovely to catch up with your goings on. I'm wondering if you remember me... I took your class in Stratford-on-Avon in England a coupla years ago. I had a pile of crochet flowers and felt flowers to share. I was wondering if there's a chance we could collab on making digi elements like layered crochet embellies or crochet trim that I make too? I can't get the idea out of my mind and think it would be super cute. What do you think?
Mandy McK

Nicole said...

Love her cute messy hair and adorable goggles!

JanMary @ said...

Fantastic capture of special moments - she reminds me of my middle daughter :)