Monday, April 23, 2012

A Week In The Life begins

I am really looking forward to this week, Ali Edwards has inspired a whole community to capture a "week in the life"-documenting all kinds of everyday bits of life going on in your home! I Love my life, I Love the motivation of a good challenge, and so will do my best. My good camera is in the shop with a broken shutter so it will be mostly iphone pics this year, but it is so handy I think I may even capture more that way! Here is a little look at our Monday; Leaving with friends, sharing Art time, beautiful blue skies, A special lunch date, an evening at the pool, waiting for giggly girls to finish changing, Tim's with a sweet friend, and at last little Angel's off to dreamland.
 Join the fun and share your links here! I'd love to see what you're up to


vfleslie said...

Evernote--I have a "scrapbook ideas" notebook and a shortcut to it on my android phone. It takes no time to type or dictate ideas and journaling into my phone as I go about my day. Leslie

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your everyday happenings CD! Your blog is super cute!!

CD said...

thanks Ambrosia!

Awesome way to use your phone Leslie...seriously great scrap tool :)