Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Painting your Heart's song"

Hello Friends, I have Great News! 
After a long health battle (another story for another time), and the successful opening of our own studio here at home in 2012, I am finally travelling to teach far and wide once again! 
I locked myself away this winter for a wonderful get away with yummy mounds of my favourite supplies, and some quiet time to search my heart for what it is I wanted to share this year. And the result? Awesome. 
I always come back home after a time like that feeling like I have a bit more of me to give. So refreshed, creativity re-newed, and breathing a little deeper, and THAT is exactly what I have tried to put together for my students.

I developed a brand new 4 day class for 2014, it is geared to smaller more intimate groups where we can really make a heart connection.  
That is what has me going home from the studio each day feeling so very Blessed to have the privilege of doing what I do. And I think that's the part I am most excited for with this new course! 

It will debut in just a few weeks ( February 6-9) at my very own Inspired by CD Muckosky retreat at my pal Donna Downey's studio in North Carolina. 
See her space above, doesn't it look amazing!!!
You can find out everything you need to know about the event here
And so, without further a due let me introduce...

We were each brought into this world with a beautiful purpose. Join me for 4 days where we will take an artful journey to see the value in your layers. It takes time to find quiet and get in touch with your heart, to discover the best corners of who you are, and decide how to let your beauty and your spirit light shine. In this time away from life's 'noise" you will be able to hear what your heart has to say, find your own light within, and use your creative gifts as a way to let that light shine oh so brightly!

 We will begin with lettering styles. Not MY lettering but taking your own lettering, the lettering that only your hand can do, that your kids and your friends associate with you, and using different techniques and mediums to give it a little extra artsy character.

 Then we will be using India ink and nib pens to do some scribbley and scratchy carefree self portraits. The thought of a self portrait is often intimidating, but these are meant to be imperfect. This is not only an introduction to placement of the facial features, but an exercise in really letting go! Letting your pen scribble freely, and your paint drip and pool, and seeing, as your portrait unfolds, how very beautiful you really are (even when life gets a little messy). 

Once we have gotten more comfortable with the flow of the watercolors and the placement of the facial features and shadows, we will create our doll faced "whimsy girls". Just as much heart and YOU-ness will go into these as you choose how to develop your character. With easy to follow steps and fun options to make them your very own, you are guaranteed absolute cuteness! While working on these girls we will explore all of my favourite ways to layer watercolor, acrylic, pastels, caran d'ache crayons, and prismacolor pencil crayons. Each layer brings a little more life to our piece and adds a bit more of your heart to the story. 

Students will head out for the evening with some tips on digging deep, and adding beautiful words to their pieces that will truly reflect their spirit. On our final full day together we will be creating a Big painting on raw canvas and learning to stretch it ourselves! Inspired by all of the freedom we have gained over the weekend we will dive into creating brightly colored backgrounds with messy drips and drizzles and all kinds of fun ways to add texture. On top of our beautiful backgrounds we will bring together all of the skills and mediums we have learnt, for a work of art that has you writing your heart into the background of your piece, then getting expressive with
with words and images that truly have your heart and soul infused in every layer.

It is my hope that you will come away from this time with so much more than fun Art skills and techniques. That you will have found a new freedom, discovered how to hear your heart's song, and been able to see your true beauty as you have bravely spilled your spirit onto canvas.


  I will only be doing six of these in the next year so if you are interested in booking a weekend please email us at and myself or one of my rad peeps will do our best to set up a date for your location!

Blessings, CD


*****A Creative Journey with Melissa***** said...

Will u be in southern California??? I woukd be interested in learning more:-D

Noelle said...

Hey! I did not see a link to your facebook page, but as I was reading through your posts it said it was a good way to keep up with you.


Becky said...

I so wanted to come take your class at Donna's, but $ and the Holidays didn't allow it. I would love to take an online class from you and how you do your lettering and girls.