Monday, June 12, 2006

Friends are good!

Goodmorning peoples ( morning for me anyways) I think it's been cool to hear about why a few of you are thankful. I think we should do it every Friday, just talk about what is good in our lives. It is so very easy to find all the little things that are wrong and I would so much rather take my energy and look at the things that are right! So I hope some of you will join me because it makes me happy to hear. I can't wait for Friday this time though because today I am thankful for friends and family again, feeling totally blessed by both!
Last week my good friend Lisa came to help me "conquer the jungle!" you see we have a crazy overgrowth of weeds and I have yet to learn anything about gardening, she on the other hand is something of a garden expert! So we weeded and transplanted and decided that there are some areas that just need to be killed with round-up and started fresh. So here I am conquering my jungle, heehee thanks to Lisa for capturing this fine moment: ( photo to come...bloggers not working :(

Then I got to spend an evening with my pal Kristie hanging out and munching a banana split fudgsicle from superstore, mmmmmmm! We always spent tons and tons of time together but since both our oldest ones are in grade one and life has been seeming busy I have been really missing this time, so that was a nice get-a-way from the everyday. Then on Thursday My wonderful mother in law ( yep I luv her tons!) who had taken a few days holidays took my little two out with her for a fun afternoon and even picked up Emilea from school, I was able to go do a photo shoot and get some work done here at home in total peace and quiet. I wouldn't want it always so quiet cuz I love kid noise around me, but it was a nice treat for a day. Here is one of my favorite shots from that photo shoot. I know this one doesn't show their faces but it reminds me of moments I had growing up with my mom. She raised me on her own and was amazingly patient and super fun. Sitting together splashing our toes in the water was totally something we would do ( also photo to come when blogger works)

Saturday was cool too, Cam's dad and our good friend Kris were here helping us with some work we are doing around here this summer ( and they both have their own projects on the go that they could have been working on), heavy work ( breaking up and hauling concrete) Then our oldest two girls went for a sleep over with their grandparents and we popped over there for supper so we didn't even have to cook! I am trying to add photos of the concrete fun too but it just doesn't seem to be working right now. Maybe I can edit the post and add all the pictures later.

I hope no one reads the last few posts and thinks " well, La dee DA doesn't she just have the perfect life" cause that is not the case, there are plenty of things I could complain and grumble about just like anyone else , but I chose to look at all the things that reeeeally matter, and what I see is wonderful. Like caring and helpful friends and family. Thanks for the congrats on my new team position, it was a dream for me, and it was an amazing feeling to have that come true.


amber joy said... don't have the perfect life?! heehe, just teasing. enjoy the blessings when they are there, because there are times when they are hard to remember. But, those times only make the blessings more sweet, right?

Yvette said...

What a wonderful blog you have! Just stubled over your blog by DD and was curious enough to see what stuff you have on your blog....NICE! would like to use your link on my blogsidebar..if that is all right with you? Love your layouts..fresh, crsispy, whimsical and colorful! By the way can you please link me as where I can digitally supplies from, the one you did on totally timeless?


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