Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Family fun day!

It was a good weekend, Saturday we went to family fun day put on by Cam's work, so much fun! Clowns and potato sack races ( Cam got 2nd place) and Emy won the three legged race for her age group! Kaiella was scared of everything ( she is these days, must be an age phase I think at almost 2 the other girls were the same) the balloons, the clown , the jumpers... Even the sponge bob soccer ball, poor girl! But I have to say my star of the day was Tiara. She found her courage within and conquered a long time fear. She has always been a SUPER cautious child, and has been afraid of the bouncy jumpers. This Saturday she watched all day and worked up her courage and then right at the end she decided to give it a go... First sitting on the edge and then getting in to actually jump! She had a blast and was so very proud of herself! I have to say I was pretty proud too. The joy on her face was so great and the day was so fun I couldn't resist taking some pictures, I was just really careful with my wrist and iced later.

It's been slow going on the healing, and I have to say, I am an easy-going girl but it is getting harder and harder to just let my clean laundry pile up unfolded ( although there is always a load or two on the couch waiting!) and popping onto the computer for some slow lefty typing only here and there is getting old for me. I really want this to heal up well though so I am trying my best to behave! And on the bright side I'm getting to bed earlier most night cuz I'm not up working on stuff. I never made it on here on Friday ( for a couple weeks) to tell you what is good in my life so I will now; An unexpected visit with my Dad, mom's homemade chicken soup, Kaiella's baby alphabet song, Tiara's courage, a nap this evening, taking time to really take in the joy of my little family, growing into a better me, an evening with my Kristie, and the knowledge that it is all in God's hands ( isn't that a load off!) What is good for all of you lately,what do you love in your life? Tell me it makes me happy to read.

I just noticed that Ali Edwards has a daily happiness blog, sortof the same idea as what is good in your life, only more of a what makes you happy today. it is awesome to read what makes people happy and so great to focus on the positive, I think we all need a reminder to do that here and there. She has some wonderful t-shirts too I discovered, I just have to get one ( or a few!) If you don't already, you should check out Ali's blog she is such a kind and positive chick ( and of course, way way talented too) , I love the things she has to say, they are always so uplifting.

have a great week