Monday, June 05, 2006

Be inspired

So I had this wonderful thing happen to me a few weeks back and I really don't think I shared it at all! I got a crazy exciting e-mail from Michelle Coleman over at Scrap Artist ( which , if you do not already know, is one of my favorite designers) telling me how very much she likes my work and asking me if I would want to join the Scrap Artist Creative Team!!!!!!!!! WOW landing my spot at Designer Digitals and now Scrap Artist, what could be better??! This is my About Me team page for over there. It says: always... Create, share, bless, love, be free, care, play,read , laugh, believe, dream, pray, and be... Inspired. To view the supplies Click Here

to view larger click on image

Man I just keep on feeling so very Blessed. And not just in my scrapping life, but in real life too. I have the family I always prayed for and dreamed of, the perfect kind and supportive husband, a good house in a nice safe neighborhood, our parents live close by, we laugh together and play together. My life is good, very good. It makes me happy to look at things this way, looking at why my life is good makes the little glitches seem so little. Tell me something good in your life right now? It feels so great to be thankful, I'd love to know what is good for all of you :)


My Life and My Loves said...

well, i could actually tell you about all the wrong things that have been happening in my life - But, i saw myself going down a slippery slope of negativity - so for the past week or so I have been intentionally ending my night by blogging things that I am grateful for. it really has helped my attitude and how i see things.

i'm really glad things are going so good for you - you are a great scapper and designer! lauren

Jen Caputo said...

I would call you lucky but that has nothing to do with it, you are so incredibly talented. Scrap Artist is my dream design team, i am so jealous of you but so excited to see what you do with their products as well. Congrats!!!

Meredith Fenwick said...

i so know what you mean about the wonderful things in your life making the little speedbumps seem so little. i too am so thankful for my life and i love every minute of it. sure, there are tons of things i want to do and even change, but i am so thankful for my family and all that happiness that we share :)

gorgeous layout, love the colors and the way you do your journaling is so awesome! :)

LeeAndra said...

Congratulations!! What an honor... but I am not surprised. Your work rocks my face off. :)

The strawberry shortcake that I made today and will have after dinner tonight makes me happy! *lol*

Amber Joy said...

My life is blessed, too! Glad to hear about yours! Congratulations, too!

Jennifer Perks said...

Hey CD...just checking in on your little corner of the web. Your blog is beautiful.
I have to say HUGE CONGRATS on the DT position. Not surprised, as I think you are hugely talented.
Way to look at the positive side of things. I'm always trying to see things from the "half full" perspective. Not always easy, but I'm getting better at it.
BTW, glad you are checking in/speaking up more on the HM board. Good to see you over there!
:-) Jen

jerih said...

C.D., congrats to you on your new position. Your work is awesome and deserves to be noticed. I'm sure there will be lots more opportunities to come your way.

Like Jen, I'm glad to see you on the HM board more. It's a great bunch of girls and it wouldn't be the same without you there. :)

Sinead said...


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