Thursday, September 07, 2006

Annual backpack pics

Tia; oh so proud! are we gonna have to watch out for that look or what?! look at that face :)
and Emy in her great new sweater from Nana, ready for another year with all of her friends

Here they are all proud and ready to go! and then there is poor little Kaiella really not wanting her sisters to be left at school! she did okay for the first stop dropping off Emilea but then when we were leaving Tiara at preschool she realized that they were both gone and started crying " no leave my Ty-ia!!!" over and over. I assured her that we would get her back and once we got home for a nice muffin she was all good with that lol! it will be a different year for her but I am sure we will find some adventures of her own for her to participate in!
have a happy Thursday :)