Wednesday, September 06, 2006

beautiful noise

I dropped off both Emilea and Tiara this morning, my first ever morning leaving them both. Emilea; starting grade two thinks she is an old pro, but I still walk her in for the first day and see that she is unpacked and settling in ( and of course snap my quick photo) before leaving with my other little ones in tow as usual. But then, Tiara's turn came next, she was so excited and well prepared for this next step in her little life. Such growth from last year when I couldn't even leave her at Sunday school. She happily went in, hung up her jacket and put on her shoes, then off to a spot on the mats just as if she had done it so many times before. A wave goodbye and Kaiella and I were off. After a great summer of loving the time together the girls had begun to just have enough of each other this last week, just picking on each other and needing some space and more structure. So I was actually looking forward to my mornings with just Kaiella, a time to take a breath and give her some undivided attention. But as we drove home from Tia's preschool the van was unusually quiet, one little 2 year old looking out the window way back there. I got to thinking that while I welcome a few moments of quiet here and there I really do savor their noise LOL! All of those little voices so filled with wonder and new ideas, so much to tell me with such sincerity and innocent honesty. I love this world of mine mom-ing these little people, they really are my gifts! Even when things get hectic and most often somewhat loud, they are a total pleasure. I can't imagine how I will feel when the day comes to drop them all off for the whole day and go home to an empty house. Life evolves and changes and I will too, but I am happier than happy for now to be surrounded by small voices and little hands to hold. This is my paradise. Annual backpack photo to come later!

I think most kids have gone back to school now, I hope you are all settling well into your days. And for those with small ones still at home, please stop today and remember to just savor their beautiful noise it really is precious!