Sunday, April 22, 2007

good weekend

How was your weekend? We enjoyed lots of good fresh outdoor time together! The girls were on a ladybug hunt gathering them from the leaf piles that daddy raked up and trying to give them a safer place to we made ladybug houses together, it was so nice to be outdoors with the kids doing something creative. you can just see their little minds working as they are choosing the right ribbons and buttons and throwing in their little suggestions of how we should put things all together. I Love it! I posted the steps to make them with pictures here.
We had a nice breakfast with Cam's parents too which is always such a treat ( both the good eats and the good company!) Our little family is so on-the-go all week that I am finding weekends just make me breathe a little deeper. They refresh me to go for it all over again

oh and today is the last day to check this out:

Deann and Shanah are a blast they are so funny and they spotlighted my blog challenges on their "dishin the digi coast 2 coast" radio show ( near the end). New ones air every Tuesday. I got a kick out of listening to them and was totally thankful for some of the cool products that they pointed out as well. It is worth a listen for sure!

I am looking forward to seeing what this week will hold, have a happy Monday!


Peterlina said...

Wow! That's really sweet with the little ladybug-houses. Think I must do that with my daughter... or something similar.
Outdoors is the BEST in spring!

jkhenson said...

I always love your site! So family and inspiration! And color and fun! :) Thanks for the smiles! I am happy to have found your site! Thanks!

Marfa said...

That's a beautiful picture of you and your girls!

Amanda Dykan said...

What gorgeous pictures! CD- what happened to your arm?!?

Anonymous said...

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