Tuesday, April 17, 2007


sharing happiness. I love to do it. No matter what is going on in your world, when you take the bit of extra time to care, to smile, to make a difference in someones day it bounces right back to you and fills your heart every time. My mom used to always tell me "what you put out comes back your way". It sure does. Smart lady that mom of mine :) You know, we are all just too busy these days, really. And it is far too easy to just be busy being busy. stopping just long enough to share some happiness blesses me a hundred times more than the person I stopped for every time guaranteed!!! So Lovely.

I was busy myself tonight, I have worked all night on some fun things for CK and Cam will start his work day later tomorrow so I can get some sleep , just one of the ways we are making things work for our family. In the quiet of the wee hours I always get thinking so these these are my 4 am thoughts and some purple flowers from our trip to Niagara Falls! forget scrapping challenges for this post, my challenge to you today is a different one...stop and share some happy with someone in your world.


Laura said...

awww CD thanks for sharing your beautiful photo (must be a flowery day - i posted some sunflowers on my blog yesterday!!!) and thanks for your kind thoughts. i'm up for your challenge!!! have a beautiful day, get some REST!!! :)

Amy said...

Beautiful flowers! The weather finally got warmer here, after killing off all my early spring plants :(
Can't wait to see what you've been up to! I always enjoy your LOs in CK!

Anonymous said...

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