Sunday, October 07, 2007


mmmmm, It is good to be back
I arrived home from France just in time for Turkey dinner with my sweet family.
Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians out there!
( and very early wishes to those who are not in Canada and will celebrate later)
I hope you feel that you have plenty to be Thankful for :)
We sure do, more Blessings than We can count.
Not because we never have troubles or challenges but because we choose to see the blessings and beauty that surround us.

I left home on September 27th to teach 4 new classes at the Paper and co show in Versailles France. 2 traditional books, one digi and one hybrid album.

I went armed with a few photos of the "fake" Eiffel tower that I took in Las Vegas and thought I would have the chance to blog on the go and let everyone know where I was off to. Well... Internet ended up being fairly hard to come by, even once my new friend Lydia from Luxembourg lent me her plug adapter. I had bought one that was supposed to be for Europe but it didn't fit the sockets there, and I couldn't even make my phone card work to call home and talk to my little angels LOL! So other than feeling a bit displaced or shall I say "disconnected"; the experience was amazing. My classes were incredible; all of these women in one room from all over ( France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Scotland, Luxembourg, the UK and even more) and we were all connected by something that truly needed no translator. A real love for art and for our memories and our families. I really enjoyed the artsy-ness of this crowd they were not afraid for one second to just go for it and slap that paint on or try new things, and the digi and hybrid classes too were so bold and excited to really go for it and do something new with the computer.

Rawk on my new European friends!!!

I was so so lucky to be able to take this trip with my good friend Krista. She was a fabulous assistant helping me lug that heavy pink suitcase of class supplies along the cobblestone each day, helping IN my classes and packing kits with me behind the scenes. She also took some fun pictures of me like the one up above which was so nice since it is usually me behind the camera.

When the event was over we went on to tour Paris for a few days. It was cool but I enjoyed the colorful Old beauty of Versailles even more. I will get a photo album or a slide show loaded up pretty soon. It was a trip I will never forget. Thank-you PACS and thanks Krista for an amazing super fun adventure!


Linda said...

I just LOVE to see pictures from PACS and Paris.:-) All the memories...It was such a great time! I was wondering if you could send med the first picture here, from the "everyday treasures" class? Thats me in front there with the big smile. *lol* If you will share it with me my emailadress is

It was so fun meeting you - you are such a sweet person! :-)

Linda, Norway

Helle said...

Hi!! How great to see your pictures! And thanks so much for the sweet comment in my blog. And oh! how extremely cool to see my picture in your post here!! Yes we had the best of times. Hopefully it´s not the only time we meet, I have a feeling you and I have a lot to talk about. Keep in touch. Big hug! Helle.

Rita said...

Hi :)
I just have to say it was so nice to meet you in Paris. Took Two of your classes, and LOVED them both. Your are such an inspiration and so sweet. Hope to have the chance to take part in more of your classes.

Catrine said...

Another Norwegian commenting here. ;)
Just want to say thank you for the great class I had with you (Angels)!
Your such an inspiration and a very sweet person!

Shawn said...

How FUN! I'm green with envy. Sounds like you had a blast and I can't wait to see more pics. Welcome back and happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. :)

Ingunn said...

Yay, it's so cool to see my Norwegian web-friends on your blog! I wish I could have been there, Catrine was still on cloud nine when I met her a week later!

edwige chapoulaud said...

Hi there ! It is so nice to hear from you now that you are home !! I guess it does feel good to be home ! Thank you so much for your energy during the classes. You are really talented and gave us so many nice projects to realise. I was actually finishing up with the "Tresors du quotidien". A bientôt, I truly hope !
Edwige from France

joscelyne cutchens said...

I am so glad to see you blogging again, I was wondering what happened to you! What an exciting adventure you must have had!

Lydia Kahihikolo said...

I'm your friend Lydia - I feel so honored to see my name on your Blog - makes me blush.. so great to meet you - seriously!!! would have loved to show you around Paris but my son missed me and I had to get home before his bedtime. hopefully we'll meet again real soon! xoxo from Letzebuerg!!!

Amanda Dykan said...

Oh, CD! I am definately green. Sounds like an amazing time! I can't imagine what it must have been like to walk into Versailles! I think I may have just passed out there on the spot. I'm glad you're home and safe and sound. See you in February!

Amanda Dykan

Jody said...

Looking forward to seeing more pictures! What a great experience. Maybe it was for the best that you didn't have internet to get you distracted. Happy Thanksgiving {early for me....late for your family}. =)

Helena said...

Hi CD!
PACS was such a great expierence and you made it even more worthwhile. I loved your class "Everyday Treasures" and wish could have taken even more.
Hopefully I'll get to see you again in the future... maybe in Rome, Italy, LOL!

Helena, the Finn from Italy

Freckled Nest said...

I'm in Wpg too :)i think i've seen you at Scrapbooking by Design before. Do you go there?

Anonymous said...

Ah!... How funny! I just got back too! Isn't it beautiful over there. The countries envelope you with their charm and auora. We went to Barcelona, French Riviera, Nice, Monte Carlo, Florence,Pisa, Venice, Pompeii, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Dubrovnik, Croatia and Corfu, Greece, some others on a cruise ship! It was the most wonderful vacation, or as they say "holiday" of my life! I'll never forget it! Aren't those cobble streets just sooooooooooo cool?
Well, still jet lagged, but checking in to say "Hi!"...I'm glad you had a wonderful trip and I understand just how fabulous it was!!! :) Soooooo happy for you!
Kathi Townzen

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you CD!

It's funny to see us on a photo in your blog! :-)

Hope to see you again, You have such a wonderful style!

A big kiss

Paola & Francesca
Twin sisters from Italy

Alparslan said...

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