Tuesday, October 30, 2007


First of all I want to say a big thank-you for all of the good book suggestions and conversation. I can't reply back to comments from this blog but please know that I really appreciate what you say and would respond if I could!

I think we will order a set of the Boxcar children books for Emy for Christmas. For now, Her and I just started Heidi . And her choice from the book order this month was Sarah Plain and Tall ... hopefully it is another good one. I am going to head over to the book exchange later this week and look for a few of the others you guys have suggested for us. THANK-YOU!

We had a great weekend. The time as a family is always precious. We went over to Cam's parents place for supper on Friday and the bigger two girls stayed for a sleepover and some time with Nanny and Gigi. Not for any reason other than that they love it and so do their grandparents :)

Saturday I picked up some goodies from Home Depot and the art store, I am excited to play with it all- some new big sheets of watercolor paper, a pack of cheese cloth, some fresh rolls of duck tape and a new tub of gesso. Also grabbed a can of chalk board paint to paint the back of this big dresser we use as a divider between the family room and playroom. The kids have all been so so much into art these days and chalking on lots of black construction paper so I thought this could be really fun for them. Tiara and I got into the new packs of watercolor paper and painted for awhile today it was so much fun just to create and play together for the fun of enjoying time in the afternoon. My card-a-day will have to wait tomorrow - I am heading out on a field trip with Tia to the Fire Hall. But I will put up another one on Wed.

We baked Cam his favorite apple pie on Friday. It even got a pumpkin face :)
Baking with the kids is THE best. They are so funny...each cup and tsp. is exciting to pour in and mix. I loved it so much as a little girl and I remember clearly how enjoyable those times were. My mom recently brought over my little aprons and I t was really fun to see how well worn they were. Lots of good memories. Now as I get to create those memories with my own girls I understand that it is just as much fun being the big person :)

And it was not only at the stores that I found some treasures check out this trash-to-treasure find!!! A super rad super solid wood desk we found with a Free sign on it at the end of a driveway in the country!!! the drawers are all big enough for 12x12 papers and even has one deep drawer with dividers. I think I Will paint it RED! The desk rawks, I can bang and paint and craft all over it and the price was right...I vote this my happy find of the month!


JanMary said...

Hi. Just recently found your blog. I just started reading Heidi to my girls this week, and they love it. Despite being huge fans of High School Musical and Hannah Montana, they can't wait for the next chapter, It is taking me back to my childhood too. Hope you enjoy it as much as we are here in Northern Ireland.

Sabrina said...

Yes, Sarah Plain and Tall is a great book. I loved it as a kid.

mel said...

Cool desk!!! Be sure to post photos after you paint it. Cannot wait to see it!

It is so fun that you are posting here. love it! such a breath of fresh air!

I love the chalkboard paint idea on the back of the dresser. I bought some chalkboard paint to paint an old coffee table we have so my girls can doodle on that. I was inspired to do that after some photos you posted of your girls and their sidewalk chalk on your black coffee table!

CMelRun13.1 said...

I can't wait to see how the desk turns out!

Val said...

That desk was a cool score!!

Katie said...

Thanks for all your book musings--I think we may be kindred spirits! We love many of the same books-- Sarah is a wonderful book--short but so well written. There is a sequel if you want to know what happens next to the family--It is called Skylark. Another great book is Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh! You and your daughter will love it. Thanks for sharing!

Confessions of A Drama Mama said...

How cool is that, free is always a plus, but for this find I'd say it earned two pluses.

Anonymous said...

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Ümit said...


very creative ideas.. good..