Sunday, June 08, 2008

happy as a clam at the sea

After a very happy weekend of teaching with the world's very absolute best and cutest assistant (pictured below) *wink*
we took a nice long walk down to Noordwijkerhout, still here in the Netherlands.
Neither of us has been at the Sea before so we gathered shells for the girls as the sun set and went to the "Pannekoeken Haus" for some super yummy Crepes. When in the world do we have time just to stroll along and enjoy the beauty of the world together?! WEll, we do go for a walk as a family almost every day but being out with three little girls is very different from this kind of time just Cam and I. Such a treat.
So many beautiful gardens and flowers in bloom for us to admire. WE are going to try and get some bulbs for this awesome purple one to take back home to Nana ( who happens to be an amazing gardener!)
I have this thing about cool signs and I take way too many pictures of them. It is a funny little obsession but it's just my thing, they catch my eye no matter where I am :)
Love this dutch signpost s'cool!

and the sign for the round-abouts...we don't have these and I would be super confused driving on them but RAD anyways!

I will have to download the photos from my classes and add some later; as usual I met some truly amazing people who really touched my heart, it is not a surprise to me anymore the way I am touched by my students and how amazing their lives and stories are, but it is just as special. Thank-you all for being willing to trust me and try new things, for listening and believing in the importance of telling our best stories and for being willing to open up and share them with me throughout our days together. Bless you all and I hope to see you again in the future!

Time to try and call my little ones and then get some shut-eye for now, but no holiday would be complete without a good self portrait.

goodnight friends


Safo said...

beautiful photo, you are beautiful CD :)
Kiss, Safo

Marianne Hope said...

Loved meeting you at the SAG. You know your workshop was my favorite, but I just had to tell you again. I hope you found bulbs of the purple ball flower (allium)for your Nana. My flower LO that I made in your workshop turned out SO cool, and a close up pic of it will be on the FRONT PAGE of the next issue of "Vi scrapper" - you know the magazine that Helle writes for. Just wanted to let you know, and say thank you for beeing so wonderfully sweet (both of you) and so amazingly inspiring. Feel free to check out my blog. You will find my LOs from your workshop here and there, as I finish them, ha, ha. Marianne (the norwegian girl..)

2H Design said...

Great photos!

Marfa said...

that photo of you and cam is fantastic...looks like you've been having a blast travelling!!!

Alparslan said...

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