Tuesday, June 03, 2008

notes from the air

1. we are high and dry.... thanks to both of our mom's and our own really RAWKIN' washing machine we have managed to wash through all of the clothes that were in boxes waiting for someone to grow into them and everything else that was attacked by the nasty bad angry hot water tank before we left. oh goodness it was honestly something like 20 loads in the end I think. Whew!!!

Good news is that our house smells like wonderful fresh hanging laundry.
As for the angry hot water tank; it has been fired and in it's place stands a shiny new well behaved model.

done. end of story.

2. It is official: we are off and flying on our June Europe adventure.
and as you can above see I am a total die hard airplane-window-cloud-photo-taker ( along with my friend B, lol you know who you are!) No matter how many times I fly I am always taken by the beauty and bigness of creation. the super blue of the blue sky and those amazing fluffy cotton ball clouds; I just turn into a little girl in awe every single time. The best part is #3.......

3. Someone needs to pinch me because I seriously can't believe that I actually have this adorable boy of mine on the way to Europe with me!!!

4. RAWK ON WORLD here we come! :)