Thursday, June 05, 2008


Cam and I are officially official Netherland-visiting-super-duper-Jet-lagged-people and happy as can be. We came out here with one day to relax and switch time zones before the teaching begins. So, today I took Cam on the train to Delft where my friend Yvonne had shown Kristie and I the finer points of this great little dutch town on my last visit out. What a fantastic day! It rained...a lot...and there was a good amount of time where we were soaked and freezing but as sweet as we both happen to be, lucky for us we are not made of sugar so we held up just wonderfully.

no melting Canadians in sight.

We had a blast eating melt in your mouth Poffertjes and drinking Chocomel mmmmmm!, tasting fresh warm stroop waffles and checking out all kinds of cute little shops. Everytime we sat down too long anywhere that was comfy and warm though we were both nodding off LOL. I'm sure we were quite the sight!

Today Lovin':
-the sidewalk bricks with moss growing up in between;
-bikes's just so happy;
-water-so much of it;
-cool old buildings;
-taking the train cuz it's something we rarely get to do;
-my new big rainbow umbrella what a cool find;
-skype- makes me feel not so far from those cute little faces I love so much.

(ta-ta for now!)