Thursday, September 04, 2008


Awesome camping....hard core true north style, nestled in forest in a big ol' tent with no electricity and all of our cooking on the fire kind of camping. so so RAWKIN!!!

It was the perfect time together, truly priceless, and such a great way to finish up our busy summer! We had great weather and didn't miss modern technology for one second...well maybe one teeny tiny second when I wanted boiled water faster than the fire could do it, but that's it. And patience is good for us all, even when it only concerns boiling water :)

Cam and I were big time campers when we were younger and even when Emy was a wee one, but then once Tia came along with all of her sensitivities it just wasn't such a great plan...we sure have missed it though, and as much as I want to bottle up these little people and keep them small forever, it was pretty awesome to do "bigger" non-baby things with them all.

There is way too much to tell so,
In a nutshell ....

-Emy had a friend out for a few nights which was probably one of the highlights of her summer.
-The kids went on a bug hunting expedition armed ith a big pink net, and caught all kinds of different grasshoppers , crickets, and other bug friends in the ladybug care homes that they made last year.

-We went for super FAB ice cream
-sat around the fire often playing games and roasting marshies. Or like these guys just getting in lots of cuddles and together happy bonding time.-Cooked up some good crunchy fresh Manitoba corn YUM! and our signature perogies and bacon fire cooked pack of goodness. -Went for a "sounds of the night" hike and learned about the differentnt annimals who live and hunt in the forest at night>>>so COOOOL!
-We went on a history hike to an old homestead built by pioneers and learned about them
-rode bikes, read books, and enjoyed the slower pace

-had a day at the beach. Well, technically at the beach... I think we spent more time, as you saw in the previous post, ankle deep in the slimy swamp around the corner catching frogs and finding shells.The kids ended up with their beloved "Rose, Toad-a, Jackson, and Green" and spent hours playing with them in the water and building a little habitat for their new froggy friends from water, sand, and leaves.
Even Bear was thrilled to finally be able to come along on a family vacation and had a wonderful time spending his days outside with us all and keeping us warm in the tent at night.